Johnny Doe says Tim Geithner is a slimy, lying, scum sucking piece of corrupt trash!

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Nov 5, 2011

So Johnny Doe has watched time & time again over the years where (bad) politicians accused/suspected of illegal and/or unethical behavior dragged before congress on Capital hill and "grilled" by other (good) politicians. But while it makes for great theater, and Johnny does really believe that some politicians like Ron Paul & Marcy Kaptur are trying to get straight answers and expose the corruption, Johnny has noticed that NOTHING SIGNIFICANT EVER SEEMS TO COME OF IT!!! Everybody gets upset and huffs and puffs but at the end of the day nobody is every really punished, nobody goes to jail, and life goes on as usual (meaning those people who are usually accused of the wrongdoing go right back to doing the same jobs they were doing where they were blatantly screwing the American people). Its quite bizarre actually. Is Johnny Doe missing something??? Its more comedic then anything, which is quite sad when you consider the importance of the topics being discussed. Anyways if someone can explain to Johnny Doe just how this whole process works, and why if nobody ever actually punished for their wrongful actions, people are called before congress he would greatly appreciate it!