by JOHN NOLTE16 Jan 2013, 7:37 AM PDT

It’s not your business model that sucks; it’s you that sucks.
--Andrew Breitbart

Just as we saw last week at the New York Times and Time Magazine, the mainstream media's pro-Obama chickens are finally coming home to roost. The media sold its soul to elect Barack Obama and then re-sold it to re-elect him. This, even though his economic policies have been a stone cold disaster. But now, in a fit of extremely satisfying karma, Reuters has joined the membership of high-profile, left-wing news outlets announcing a series of layoffs. One source told Talking Biz News, as much as 25% of the Reuters' staff [added: in one division]could be on the chopping block lost their jobs:

“Yes, I can confirm there have been layoffs across Thomson Reuters today, including editorial,” said Barb Burg, vice president and global head of communications at Reuters. “Similar to efforts across the company, the Reuters organization is focusing attention on our global cost structure as well as the need to simplify and ensure we have the skills and expertise within our organization so we can continue to contribute maximum value to the business and our customers.”

Talking Biz News is told that the job cuts are occurring across the company in places such as training and sales but some are occurring in editorial in New York as well.

A Guild representative sent an email to members Tuesday afternoon saying that Reuters has proposed eliminating nine editorial jobs — four in Happauge, three television jobs at its Times Square operation, a television job in Washington and a text job in Atlanta. Other editorial job cuts would come from non-guild positions. …

A Reuters employee from the Wealth Management division told Talking Biz News that 25 percent of the workers there lost their jobs.

Yeah, that's a shame.

But that's what you get for demonizing success and competence, and using all of 2012 to redefine the parameters of an acceptable economic recovery in order to drag your guy over the finish line.

What exactly did the media think would happen? That the same president who openly laughs and rebuffs their sycophancy, even as he benefits by it, would turn all of these failing institutions into the next publicly funded PBS?

Not only are these dinosaurs out on their butts grasping résumés filled with experience in a dying institution no one trusts; they're also entering an economy they worked so hard to foist on the rest of us -- one in which long-term unemployment is at its highest level since World War II.

Boo to the hoo.
Reuters Announces Major Layoffs