Rick Perry courts Californians in radio ad

Perry's ad was paid for by a program dedicated to promoting Texas business ventures. | AP Photo


Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants Californians tired with the Golden State’s business model to know that they can always “come check out” his home state if they want “lower taxes, sensible regulations and a fair legal system.”

The Republican governor can be heard touting his message via radio advertisement on six stations in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Inland Empire and San Diego areas, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday.

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“Building a business is tough, but I hear building a business in California is next to impossible,” the Bee reported the governor saying in the ad. “This is Texas Gov. Rick Perry and I have a message for California businesses: come check out Texas.”

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The 30 second ad was paid for by TexasOne, a program dedicated to promoting business ventures in the Lone Star State.

According to the newspaper, Perry and Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown have been publicly critical of each other before, including an interview Brown gave to APM’s Marketplace where he criticized the amount of people on minimum wage in Texas.

It’s not the first time Texans have turned to advertisements to draw others to their states. In January, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott posted ads inviting New Yorkers to move to the state to keep their Second Amendment rights, in light of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sweeping gun regulations.

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