Liberty Maven
April 1, 2008

Throughout the Ron Paul campaign amateur and professional pundits on television, newspapers, blogs, and forums were quick to point out that Ron Paul supporters were made up of crazy conspiracy theorists. This apparently, meant that by association Ron Paul was one as well. Similarly, Obama was guilty by associating with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Both were and are unfair.

The recent events of Ron Paul supporters organizing and working within GOP convention rules to win delegate seats and resolutions has been labeled by the Republican establishment as a coup against the Republican party. This notion is preposterous and is nothing more than a conspiracy theory of their own in order to motivate opposition to true conservative ideas. Ideas that they say they believe in, but rarely practice anymore.

The recent events at GOP conventions in both Missouri and Texas show that Ron Paul supporters are not going away no matter what tactics are used to thwart them. Ron Paul supporters are not trying to ‚Äútake over the Republican party‚Ä