RUSSELL BRAND: “The Great Resignation Is Ongoing”

Darian Alexander | Nov 22, 2021

English comedian, actor, radio host, and now recently turned YouTuber Russell Brand has taken to online podcasting and videos in order to spread a message of a free society for all.
Brand took today’s episode of his show to discuss the concept of “The Great Resignation,” which is to say the record-high levels of voluntary resignations permeating throughout the United States beginning during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially after numerous forms of forced vaccination perpetrated by the United States government and other institutions became more prevalent. This wave of job exiting by Americans is showing in the numbers, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reportedly saying that over 4.3 million Americans left their jobs in August alone.

"You Can KEEP Your SH*TTY JOB!!" Millions More QUIT Work - YouTube

Included in the video was a discussion on a recent job walkout at a Chipotle Kentucky where half the staff left, including the location’s management.

“Our restaurant on Bardstown Road is now open, but did experience a temporary closure Monday afternoon due to staffing needs,” Chipotle’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Laurie Schalow told Newsweek.

Also shared was a post by former Chipotle employee Sidney Plogsted, who participated in the walkout. Plogsted said that the Chipotle corporate office forced employees to work “anywhere between 50-70 hours a week” to “keep our restaurants open while sitting in their offices.”
Russell Brand concluded the Chipotle walkout segment of the video by sharing some advice given in Plogsted’s post, before then moving on to discuss other topics within The Great Resignation.
“Keep in mind that most people who work fast food are teenagers and in their twenties,” Plogsted wrote. “Be kind to fast food workers !!! they are people, with families, emotions, and lives outside of where they work, not robots.”

RUSSELL BRAND: "The Great Resignation Is Ongoing" - Big League Politics