Russia Sending Its Only Aircraft Carrier To The Mediterranean Sea To Join Other Warships

Sunday, June 2, 2013 8:42
(Before It's News)

Russia is sending its sternest warning to the west yet against invading Syria by sending it’s only Aircraft Carrier to join the other warships in the Mediterranean Sea. “The cruiser will … perform a number of missions in an offshore oceanic zone as part of a group,” Navy Commander Adm. Viktor Chirkov told Interfax. “Northern Fleet naval pilots will perform a number of missions on board this cruiser in the long-range mission.”

The warship holds several sea-based fighters and helicopters, missiles, anti-submarine systems and a crew of 2,000 people.


• 8 × AK-630 AA guns (6×30 mm, 6,000 round/min/mount, 24,000 rounds)
• 8 × CADS-N-1 Kashtan CIWS (each 2 × 30 mm Gatling AA plus 32 3K87 Kortik SAM)
• 12 × P-700 Granit SSM
• 18 × 8-cell 3K95 Kinzhal SAM VLS (192 missiles; 1 missile per 3 seconds)
• RBU-12000 UDAV-1 ASW rocket launchers (60 rockets)
Aircraft carried:

Fixed Wing
14 × Su-33 fighters (current)
28 × MiG-29K fighters (planned after refit)
4 × Sukhoi Su-25UTG/UBP aircraft

Rotary Wing
4 × Kamov Ka-27LD32 helicopters
11 × Kamov Ka-27PLO helicopters
2 × Kamov Ka-27S helicopters

Russia already has several vessels permanently tstaioned in the Mediterranean Sea, a first since the early 1990′s and just yesterday announced it is sending ships to roam the southern oceans as well. What this means in the geoolitical scheme of things: the return of the Russian bear. -Mort