Russian insider Viktor Bout says nuclear WWIII is IMMINENT

06/17/2024 // Ethan Huff // 3.3K Views

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Alex Jones got the chance to speak with Russian businessman and insider Viktor Bout about the current state of foreign affairs. What Bout had to say could shock you.In Bout's view, World War III is closer than ever. And one of the reasons is because Donald Trump stands a very real chance of winning the presidency again in spite of his 34 felony convictions.
Bout fully supports Trump, believing him to be "real" and full of "life." The mumbling, bumbling, zombie-like depictions of Trump by the corporate media are an inaccurate representation of who Trump is and what he is capable of.
In many ways, the powers that be wants Americans to think that Trump is just as elderly and ill as President Biden who more often than not seems to have trouble remembering where he is, let alone understanding what his job duties include.
"At least he is a real person who is honestly and wholeheartedly not willing to let America be ruined and killed by the globalists," Bout told Jones about Trump. "He tried to bring his Art of the Deal into practice with the politicians, but what he didn't realize is that" is not how it works.
"So this is a situation that we are hopeful that Trump finally will quickly act after he is inaugurated and literally make sure that these deep state or those globalists who are fully controlling American administration would be unable to make more harm to the human beings of the planet and stop killing Americans, and then immediately all conflicts in the world would be over – think of this!"
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All wars would end under Trump, Bout says

Currently with Biden at the helm, America and the world at large is descending into chaos and madness as inflation soars and the real economy tanks. Things are going in the wrong direction, in other words.
If Trump were to get back in office, much of the insanity would end rather quickly, in Bout's view, assuming Trump keeps his promises and does the things for which he long campaigned.
"What's happening in Israel. What's happening in the Middle East. What's happening with any conflict that's financed by America or America doing it by proxy," Bout explained.
"This is a real problem. And in this situation, I see Trump as a real savior for the American nation who can stop the destruction and stop the bleeding."
According to Bout, there never would have been a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" had Trump not won because the faux scare is how the deep state was able to maneuver Trump out of office while stealing the 2020 election for Biden.
It will all happen again, too, unless there really are forces at work behind the scenes that will rescue the country from another election steal. Bout is hopeful, though he recognizes the sheer power the spooks in Washington have to steer global affairs in their own favor.
Bout addressed Operation Warp Speed as well, giving Trump credit for unleashing it because he "honestly" believed it would work, in Bout's view. Now that it is obvious the shots were deadly, Trump has a responsibility to confess the truth about them, which he still has not done.
The only way anything will work in America's favor is if God has a say in the matter. Be sure to watch or listen to the full interview with Bout above.
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