Same company running hospitals where seniors died allegedly took out life insurance policies on patients, cashed them in after their deaths

05/06/2024 // Ethan Huff // 730 Views

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An elaborate senior scam is coming to light that implicates Apollo Global Management for committing insurance fraud on the backs of deceased elderly folks.A new lawsuit alleges that Apollo took out illegal life insurance policies on seniors through a complex web of shell trusts, including affiliate Financial Credit Investment, which managed about $20 billion worth of stranger-affiliated policies.
"In short, Apollo has been carrying out a widespread fraudulent human life wagering conspiracy designed to not only hide its involvement, but to create the false appearance that the policies it owns are somehow legitimate," the lawsuit states.
"Worse still, when Apollo senses a claim is going to be brought, it attempts to dissolve its shell entities to give itself yet another layer of protection."
The elaborate scheme was carefully created as a highly convincing illusion of legitimacy, prompting the estate of someone named Martha Barotz to initiate legal action in Delaware's Chancery Court.
"In this way, the senior citizens have no idea who owns a policy on their life, and who wants them dead," the suit further states.
"Apollo was fraudulently and illegally using these shell entities to perpetuate human life wagers not only on the life of Mrs. Barotz, but on the lives of hundreds (if not thousands) of other senior citizens."
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Apollo needs its insurance licenses revoked in every state

Responding to the suit, Joshua Rosner, a managing partner at Graham Fisher & Co., wrote on X that the revelations about Apollo that have come to light are "mind-bending and horrifying."

joshua rosner

Even as a co-author of “These are the Plunderers: How Private Equity Runs and Wrecks America”, which details how rapacious Apollo is… this is mind-bending and horrifying! They should be fried.…

8:52 PM · Apr 29, 2024

Rosner further stated that Apollo should have its insurance licenses pulled immediately in every state by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).
"They predate retirees and pensioners through pension risk transfers and now we find they take out life insurance policies against seniors. @AARP," he added in a tweet on X, tagging AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons.
"With Apollo managing hospitals, nursing & hospice facilities & also the retirement accounts of seniors, are they essentially taking a straddle position on seniors by buying life insurance policies on them?"
Someone on X wrote pointedly about Apollo's connections to Alfred Villalobos and disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, asking if the group took out life insurance policies on these two as well.
"If true, this is SO illegal," added someone at Zero Hedge about these heinous revelations.
"If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: it's past time to renew public hangings," wrote another. "Every Saturday in the town square at high noon."
"Yeah, somebody needs to do hard time for this," responded another. "This is not an 'oopsies, we'll pay a fine and promise not to do it again' kind of thing."
Another linked the following video that also mentions Apollo:

If They CAN'T PAY IT, What Good Is "INSURANCE"? (

Another told the following creative story to illustrate the type of evil that rules over us all:
"Imagine that you manage a heard of sheep. You want to milk the sheep and sell the milk. You want to make cheese from the milk and sell the cheese. You want to fleece them and sell the warm sheep wool. You may slaughter some to sell mutton, or even lamb. And you insure them in case they get sick or die. And sometimes, you may find that it is easier to let them die and get the insurance than lose money caring for sheep that have aged or are sick. This is normal behavior for managing a herd of sheep. Now imagine that you have no more emotional attachment to humanity than you do to a sheep. You can now understand the thinking of your overlords!"
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Same company running hospitals where seniors died allegedly took out life insurance policies on patients, cashed them in after their deaths –