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    Saudi Arabia: Sri Lankans Beheaded w/o legal representation ... 6163243&no

    Death Row
    29 January 2008 06:10:47

    More Sri Lankans sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia; no legal representation

    Jan 29, 2008 (LBO) -- Two more Sri Lankan have been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, media reports said, while Amnesty International said they were convicted without legal representation on 'confessions' obtained under duress.

    Haleema Cadre from Kalmunai, a mother with an 8-year old son, her husband who is an Indian national and K M S Bandranaike from Kurunegala, has been sentenced to death, Arabnews reported.

    They were alleged to have been involved in an armed robbery and murder of an elderly Saudi woman.

    Another five Sri Lankans have also been sentenced to five years in jail and 500 lashes related to the same offence.

    They are: Singarayar Calithar Wimaladas from Trincomalee, Abdul Basheer Mohamed from Mathurankuli, Puttalam, Amir Jabbar from Sammanthurai, Rismiya Abdul Haq from Kanatalai and Manickam Kulanthaivel Rosa from Kalmunai.

    Amnesty international said Haleema was the mother of a young child.

    "They have had no legal assistance at any time, even during trial and are believed to have confessed under duress," Amnesty said in a statement.

    "None have had any legal representation whilst in detention or at any stage of the legal proceedings."

    A Sri Lankan teenager who has been accused of murdering a child under her care is currently on death row. The Asian Human Rights Commission and well-wishers had funded her appeal.

    Four Sri Lankan were beheaded last year by sword were 'crucified' and put on public display, reports said. One of the beheaded was told he was serving a 15-year prison sentence. Arabnews quoting unnamed sources said the son of the murdered Saudi woman was not happy with the sentence and had called for the other five convicts to be given death sentences.

    Sri Lanka's consul general in Jeddah Abdul Latiff Mohammed Lafeer, had said a 7-day limit given for a appeal was not enough and more time has been asked to translate the verdict into English and seek legal opinion.

    Lafeer said that those five persons who were sentenced to death fears that a higher court also condemn them to death following the request of the slain woman’s son.

    He added that he personally handed over a copy of the verdict yesterday to Abdullah Al-Mattani, director of the Makkah branch of Saudi Human Rights Commission seeking his organization’s assistance.

    According to sources, the son of the murdered Saudi woman is not happy with the judgment and has called for the other five convicts to be given death sentences.

    Amnesty says court proceedings in Saudi Arabia are far short of international standards and often take place behind closed doors.

    "Defendants normally do not have formal representation by a lawyer, and in many cases are not informed of the progress of legal proceedings against them," Amnesty said.

    "They may be convicted solely on the basis of confessions obtained under duress, torture or deception.

    "The rate of executions in Saudi Arabia has recently increased sharply, and the authorities have executed at least 103 people so far this year, although the true figure may be much higher."

    Sri Lanka has tight labour laws promoted by left-oriented politicians that hinder private sector economic activity and job creation at home.

    Money printing by successive governments had led to chronic rupee depreciation and high inflation which also make foreign jobs attractive.

    More than one million Sri Lankans now work abroad with little or no legal protection. Up to November last year they sent 2.2 billion dollars home.

    If you didn't get any legal representation in the first place and you're head has been removed there's not really much point in an appeal.

    And Saudi Arabia is our "friend".
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    And Saudi Arabia is our "friend".
    Running with the devil.
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