School Board Logic: Move Smart Kids In With Failing Kids To Raise Average

by Buffoon • 21 April, 2013 • Politics0 Comments

The better your schools grades are the more Obama stash you get. So rather than find out why the kids are failing and correct the problem, just move some high achievers into their midst to give the appearance of ‘success’.

(WBRZ) – BATON ROUGE – The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board will move about 100 gifted and talented students from Glen Oaks Park Elementary School to Merrydale Elementary School this fall to try to increase test-score performance at Merrydale.

The Advocate reports the board also voted this past week to authorize conversion of Claiborne Elementary School into a magnet school in 2014, and moving sixth- and seventh-graders out of Glen Oaks High School to a new location.

The proposal to move the gifted and talented students from Glen Oaks Park, a C-rated school, to nearby Merrydale Elementary, an F-rated school, generated some complaints from parents who worried the shift would harm performance at Glen Oaks.

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Allah forbid you go into a failing school and fire every sorry a** union ‘educator’.

What am I missing here?