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    Schools to kids: You can be boys or girls or both

    Schools to kids: You can be boys or girls or both

    Family groups horrified by mandatory 'gender' classes for children

    Posted: June 04, 2011
    11:10 pm Eastern
    By Bob Unruh
    © 2011 WND
    many links on this post

    Pro-family organizations across the nation are expressing shock and alarm over a new wave of homosexual indoctrination developing in public schools – especially in California – where parents are not even given the option of withdrawing their kids from the mandatory lessons on being "gay" or more.

    "Young children are being taught that they can choose to be a boy or a girl – or both," said officials at Mass Resistance, one of the leading organizations across the country defending the fact that students are boys or girls.

    "Boys, for example, should be comfortable wearing girls' clothes and nail polish, etc. And there aren't just two genders, there can be a range. And, of course, the school does not allow parents to opt their kids out," the organization said.

    How did America come to this? Read about it in "The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom"

    It was citing the work of an elementary school in Oakland, where officials allowed an outside advocacy organization, Gender Spectrum, to tell young students that sexuality is what they want it to be, not necessarily what nature endowed them to be.

    A Fox News report on the issue said the school officials defended their actions by explaining that all student "behaviors" have to be accepted and reinforced.

    Baloney, said Brad Dacus, of Pacific Justice Institute. He said such indoctrination just creates gender "confusion" for young children.

    Officials with also have been highlighting the egregious results when mandatory gender lessons are adopted by public schools.

    The organization's president, Randy Thomasson, is concerned because of previous mandatory teaching standards adopted in California, as well as pending legislation that would require profiling as role models lesbians, homosexuals and those with other alternative sexual lifestyle choices.

    His organization has published a resource page for links to answers on questions such as, "Is there a 'gay gene'?" and "Is homosexual healthy?"

    Thomasson has reported that there have been developing significant issues over the state's legally recommended recognition of "Harvey Milk Day," too. Milk was an openly homosexual elected official.

    Video: Protect your children from Harvey Milk Day in California schools ... r_embedded

    The organization has documented that even though there is no scientific or biological basis for homosexuality, bisexuality or transsexuality, the schools teach it as a normal lifestyle choice.

    In honoring Milk, Thomasson organization notes, schools are advocating for the acceptance of what Milk sought: the entire homosexual, bisexual, and cross-dressing agenda, a refusal to acknowledge sexually transmitted diseases spread by this behavior, his behavior as "a sexual predator of teenage boys, most of them runaways with drug problems," advocacy for multiple sexual relationships at one time, and "lying to get ahead."

    A 1982 biography of Milk states: "...sixteen-year-old McKinley was looking for some kind of father figure...At 33, Milk was launching a new life, though he could hardly have imagined the unlikely direction toward which his new lover would pull him."

    It also explains, "It would be to boyish-looking men in their late teens and early 20's that Milk would be attracted for the rest of his life."

    Under the state's SB 572, which already is law, schools are to have "suitable commemorative exercises" regarding Milk's "contributions" during May. warns that since those exercises are undefined, what could happen in a public school would be assignments to write about Milk, watching the film about him in class, "having children participate in cross-dressing contests, mock gay-pride parades and mock gay weddings," or others.

    The consequences of refusing to accept the state's beliefs about homosexuality can be devastating, SaveCalifornia documents.

    In a report from Thomasson, he said got an email from a parent whose daughter had objected to attending a "gay straight alliance rally to honor Harvey Milk at Moreno Valley High School."

    Said the email, according to Thomasson, "You were right our daughter was told she had to attend a gay straight alliance rally to honor Harvey Milk. … She shared she was a christian with the teacher and only after she saw Lauren was clearly upset about going to this rally did she issue her a hall pass. She was persecuted by another student but made it out of the class. I picked up her and she was very upset. How many other Christians were forced to go to this rally?"

    The account from 16-year-old Lauren provided more details, Thomasson reported.

    "When she walked into her U.S. History class Monday, May 23, she saw the words 'Gay-Straight Alliance Assembly – Harvey Milk' on the blackboard. Her teacher, obviously a pro-homosexuality agenda sympathizer, told Lauren and every other student walking in to go to the assembly. Lauren protested, but the teacher didn't listen to her at first. Lauren again said she didn't want to go, and finally the teacher exempted her, but only her," he reported.

    "Lauren got out of that one, but her fellow students were corralled into the brainwashing assembly, like cattle going to slaughter, where the homosexual sponsor of the on-campus Gay-Straight Alliance told them how they must support the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda of Harvey Milk. Later, a Muslim classmate told Lauren she wished she had refused to go to the assembly, too."

    The report described how the teacher, several days earlier had "played several minutes of the R-rated Milk film, which showed two homosexual men in bed together."

    "Parents, realize there was NO advance parental notification of this happening or the opportunity to opt out your children. Even more, realize there was no parent permission sought, no opt-in form to sign. No, Harvey Milk sexual indoctrination, and other sexual indoctrination implemented, because of other perverse laws are being done behind parents' backs and despite parents' objections," Thomasson's report said.

    WND previously reported what happened to one irate parent who found out about a public school's sexual indoctrination of his children and demanded changes – he spent the night in jail.

    That case involved David Parker, who brought a case against Estabrook Elementary school in Lexington, Mass., several years ago. Parker eventually ended up withdrawing his children from the school because of the harassment they endured because of the dispute.

    An appellate court said the indoctrination was appropriate because same-sex "marriages" are legal in Massachusetts following the work of former Gov. Mitt Romney and others, and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to intervene.

    Homosexual former San Francisco leader Harvey Milk

    That left the school district not only teaching behaviors the Parker family considered immoral, but deliberately refusing to tell them when it would be taught so they could keep their children home.

    Parker noted the results say teachers "have a constitutional right to coercively indoctrinate little children [into whatever they choose to teach]."

    According to Mass Resistance, there is one significant sexual orientation bill pending in California now, SB 48, which would require those alternative sexual lifestyles being taught to young children as role models. Another pending plan, AB 433, would allow the issuance of new birth certificates to an individual who changes his or her sex and name.

    "Is this your future?" the organization asked. "It is unless you stop it. The 'transgender rights' bills being pushed in Massachusetts and other states bring much more than just 'bathroom' problems."

    The "bathroom" reference recalls several major disputes that have developed in Maryland over a county's plan banning to ban "gender" discrimination in public facilities. That effectively would have allowed men who say they are women to use women's locker rooms in any "public facility," and vice versa.

    Mass Resistance explained how many of the promotions for sexual alternatives are disguised as "anti-bullying" campaigns.

    "It's no secret that the main force (and funding) behind this national push has been the homosexual and transgender movements. In Massachusetts, the overwhelming number of groups testifying at the public hearing on the anti-bullying bill were homosexual and transgender groups. In every situation we know about, these groups were even involved in the actual writing of the legislation. These laws rarely are crafted by actual behavioral scientists, always by activists," the organization reported.

    Thomasson's organization offers an instant solution, at the website, where parents are encouraged to move their children to a private school, Christian school or homeschooling.

    "California laws have changed so radically in the last few years that your child WILL be sexually indoctrinated and subjected to very negative influences if left in the government school system," the organization said.

    The steps are being taken even though people disapprove of such indoctrination.

    A WND/Wenzel Strategies poll just weeks ago revealed an overwhelming majority of Americans say elementary school is no place to promote the homosexual lifestyle, and even among liberals there is the strong belief that such lessons should be left outside the door of the classroom.

    "Whether they object on moral grounds or simply out of concern that many U.S. schools are failing in their core missions of teaching basics doesn't really matter – the vast majority of American adults want this type of curriculum kept out of the classroom," Wenzel chief Fritz Wenzel said.

    The scientific telephone survey was done April 19-21, and had a margin of error of 3.23 percentage points. It found that 65 percent of all respondents objected to teaching elementary school children that homosexuality is a "normal alternative lifestyle."

    The question was, "Do you believe elementary school children should be taught that homosexuality is a normal alternative lifestyle?"

    Only 22 percent agreed that would be right, and only 13 percent were unsure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtex
    California Is a joke of a state The people behind the curtains In the bowels of this states government are literally mentally unstable Individuals. The democrats have ruined this state forever ....

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    And people wonder why Americans aren't having as many kids these days!
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    Is this what this school wants? Really?

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    Obnoxious Classroom Curricula

    by Phyllis Schlafly June 3, 2011

    Phyllis Schlafly

    Elementary school curriculum isn't just about the three R's any more. Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic now have to make time for lessons in gender diversity and for nosy questionnaires that lead kids into teen sex and illegal drug usage.

    Students in all grades at Oakland, California's Redwood Heights Elementary School were given two days of gender diversity lessons designed to teach them that gender is not confined to the "binary concept" of two options. The lessons promoted "gender neutrality," the concept that no distinctions between male and female should be legally allowed.

    These lessons were taught by an anti-bullying group called Gender Spectrum and paid for by a $1,500 grant from the California Teachers Union. The course featured all-girl geckos and transgender clownfish.

    The major message was that "gender identity" means people can choose to be different from the sex assigned at birth and can freely "change their sex." According to Gender Spectrum, "Gender identity is a spectrum where people can be girls, feel like girls, they feel like boys, they feel like both, or they can feel like neither."

    Kindergartners were introduced to this new subject by asking them to identify toys that are a "girl toy" or a "boy toy" or both, and whether they like the color pink. They were read a story called "My Princess Boy."

    Fourth-graders were told that if someone were born with male "private parts" but identified more with being a girl, he should be "accepted" and "respected." They were taught "gender fluidity," which means a boy might be a boy one day and a girl the next.

    The Oakland School District personnel were apparently proud of this course because they allowed Fox News to audit and report on these lessons. District spokesman Troy Flint said that gender identity lessons are required by school board policy and supported by federal, state and local law as a means to support "equity" and a safe classroom environment.

    The lessons seem more likely to confuse the kids about who they are and, indeed, Gender Spectrum boasted that its goal is to confuse the children and make them question traditional ideas about who is a boy and who is a girl. It is not surprising that many parents were upset when they heard about the two-day course.

    Some of the bills now pending in the California State Assembly indicate that these gender neutrality notions may become the new normal curriculum in California public schools. Gender Spectrum is determined to make children think that boy and girl don't mean anything anymore, and that it's no longer normal to believe people are born male or female or have different roles.

    The California State Assembly is considering changes to 34 statutes by redefining gender to include a person's own "gender expression," and passed AB 887 on May 17, which prohibits any discrimination against the "transgendered." Among its predictable effects is that employers can be forbidden to require men to dress like men.

    We wonder why anyone is surprised at this Left Coast nonsense, because university women's studies courses have for years taught that the obvious differences we observe between males and females are not a natural occurrence but are a social construct due to conditioning by parents and traditional social norms. It's a misunderstanding of the feminist movement to think it was ever about equality for women; it always advocated the interchangeability of men and women and an end to what they lambaste as gender "stereotyping."

    Memorial Middle School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts featured another type of classroom atrocity: requiring pupils to answer nosy questions that are not only intrusive but designed to lead the kids into unacceptable behaviors. The survey, called the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, was created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which also provided the funding for it to be administered.

    One question asked: "The last time you had sexual intercourse, what one method did you or your partner use to prevent pregnancy? ... A. I have never had sexual intercourse; B. No method was used to prevent pregnancy; C. Birth control pills; D. Condoms; E. Depo-Provera (or any injectable birth control), Nuva Ring (or any birth control ring), Implanon (or any implant), or any IUD; F. Withdrawal; G. Some other method; H. Not sure."

    Here are a couple more leading questions: "During your life, how many times have you used methamphetamines (also called speed, crystal, crank, or ice)?" "During the past 30 days, how many times did you sniff glue, breathe the contents of aerosol spray cans, or inhale any paints or sprays to get high?"

    The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment makes such interrogation of students illegal without prior parental consent, which the school did not have. Some parents have appealed to the Rutherford Institute, and we wish them success in stopping the school from asking elementary school children such nosy questions. ... 06-03.html

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    Well, this is interesting.

    This weekend we took our kids to Dave and Busters (kinda like a gownup's Chuck E Cheese type place) at the Irvine Spectrum in Orange County for my daughters 9th birthday.

    I was sitting at a table having a beer and reading a novel on my iPod while spouse and kids were off playing games. My son came back for me to hold on to a wad of tickets he just won and informed me there was a little boy walking around in a skirt and girl's top.

    I didn't think much of it until I saw "It" later that day and I could not believe what I saw. "It" had a black LEATHER mini skirt on with a lime green shirt and high heels and jewelry on. It looked like a little boy who got into his older sisters closet. We literally had to turn away in disgust so the child would not see the contorted look of utter shock and disbelief on our faces.

    After that we went to try and find a restaurant that didn't cost $30 for a meal and during our walk thru the Spectrum, I saw every freak imaginable. From the stick figures with a mess of blond straw for a head, to the "men" with super tight pants, combat boots and leather jackets, black fingernails and eyeliner on and other women there that were botoxed to the max. I felt like I was in LaLa land. It's been a few days and Im still reeling from the fact I live only an hour away from that crap.

    I hate what California has become. It would be funny if I didn't have to live with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pattyk
    Is this what this school wants? Really?

    Nasty! Reminds me of our government - Ugly as sin, bloated, demonic, and not knowing if it's coming or going. Turns my stomach. I mean really, who on earth would want to have sex with THAT?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by topsecret10
    Quote Originally Posted by bigtex
    California Is a joke of a state The people behind the curtains In the bowels of this states government are literally mentally unstable Individuals. The democrats have ruined this state forever ....

    Indeed! Topsecret. Debachery, filth, lack of self-control, pure evil - Sick, Sick, Sick... In short... Sodom and Gommorah...

    It isn't only mother nature who is very angry about this.
    As Aristotle said, “Tolerance and apathy are the first virtue of a dying civilization.

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