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    Sebelius: You’re Not Covered under Obamacare Until You Pay

    Sebelius: You’re Not Covered under Obamacare Until You Pay

    December 11, 2013 - 11:48 AM
    By Melanie Hunter
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    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    ( – Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee that those who signed up for Obamacare are not actually covered until they pay the insurance company.
    “You have to be enrolled by the 23rd and make a payment by the end of the year in order to be fully insured,” Sebelius told Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas).

    Video at the Page Link:

    So far, 364,682 people have signed up for Obamacare as of Nov. 30, according to enrollment statistics from HHS, which is less than one-third of the 1.2 million enrollees that the administration predicted would sign up by the end of November. That number may change significantly once final enrollment statistics are compiled of those who have actually paid for their health insurance.
    Burgess said he was unable to make a payment for health insurance on the federal exchange website for Texas.
    “I was unable to make my payment on on the federal exchange for the state of Texas, and I was told you can’t make that payment,” he said.
    “You make it through an insurance company – you don’t pay the federal government. We are the sign-up site, and you make the payment directly to the insurer,” Sebelius said.
    “December 23, you said if someone has worked through the process, they’re gonna be covered, but payment may not have been made. Is that correct?” Burgess asked.
    Sebelius explained that the enrollment deadline is Dec. 23, but the payment must be made by the end of the year to be fully insured.
    “Who is going to guarantee that the doctor that sees that patient on January 4th is actually covered for that visit?” Burgess asked.
    “The insurance company as they do today. You are enrolling in a private insurance plan. You have to pay your premium in order to be covered,” Sebelius said.
    Burgess: What if that patient doesn’t make the premium payment? You said they’re covered Dec. 23, but they never write the check. They never make the payment.
    Sebelius: Then they’re not covered. They are not enrolled, and at every point along the way, on the website they are told until they make the payment—
    Burgess: Are you going to make good for those doctors who see those patients the first couple of weeks of January who then have their cash flow interrupted? I’ll just tell you for practicing in a small practice, you get your cash flow interrupted for two or three, four weeks, that’s big trouble.
    Sebelius: Well again if an insurance company gives an enrollment to a customer, they will make good with the provider. We tell people over and over again they are enrolled when they make a payment. We turn their name over to the insurance company, and the insurance company deals with their new customer.
    Burgess: If they’re enrolled by the 23rd, they’re gonna be covered.
    Sebelius: Sir, not until they pay, and that’s what every step along the site says.
    Burgess: Do you know how hard it is to actually make that payment, hold your billfold out and actually make that payment? Have you done that yourself?
    Sebelius: I have not.
    Burgess: Well I’ll tell you, it’s almost impossible. I’ve never seen a business where you get to the point in the fundamental business transaction where you’re gonna make the payment, and you can’t do it. That is a flawed system.
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    One Million Mothers for Gun Rights shared a link.

    45 minutes ago

    Well this is certainly interesting. *GL*

    Meet Serco, the private firm getting $1.2 billion to process your Obamacare application
    It already oversees applications for visas and patents. Now, the Reston-based firm will hire 1,500 workers to handle Obamacare applications.

    Meet Serco, the private firm getting $1.2 billion to process your Obamacare application

    Posted by Sarah Kliff on July 16, 2013 at 11:18 am

    I wrote a story for today's paper about Serco, the contracting firm that recently won a $1.2 billion health law contract. That story focused mostly on a British investigation of the firm's parent company, Serco Group, for overbilling the government by "tens of millions of pounds."
    A draft of the paper application for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

    What didn't make it into the story was some interesting background on the firm, which plans to hire 1,500 workers to handle any paper applications for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Most of it came from a conversation with Alan Hill, Serco's head of media relations. Here's what I learned.
    Ninety percent of its business is with the federal government. Based just outside of Washington in Reston, Va., Serco is a 25-year-old firm that pretty much owes its existence to government contracting. "We have 8,000 workers across 45 states," Hill said. "Since the beginning of our existence, we've worked heavily with the federal government."
    Serco's experience isn't in health care. It's in paper pushing. The $1.2 billion health law contract was the company's first under the Affordable Care Act, Hill said. But that doesn't mean the firm is inexperienced. It has contracts with numerous government agencies to process applications. "This contract has a lot to do with records management, processing applications and that kind of work," Hill said. "We do a lot of that work for other agencies, like processing visas. We do that work in New Hampshire and Kentucky.
    "If someone applies for a patent, that's us who handles the application," Hill said, explaining his firm's contract with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. There are more than 60 million records that Serco handles for the Department of Homeland Security.

    "This type of high volume, all coming in fast applications, that is one of our skill sets we have an experience in," he said. "That's why we're excited about getting to work with HHS on this."
    The Obamacare contract is a huge win for Serco. The company's annual revenue from the federal government is $1.2 billion. This would bring in another $1.2 billion over the course of five years, a big boost to the firm.
    Is Serco Inc., a British company? Sort of. There was a bit of fanfare over the United States engaging a large British firm to manage the rollout of a really big U.S. law. That's only partially true. Serco Inc. is indeed part of Serco Group, an international contracting firm headquartered about an hour southwest of London in Hook, North Hampshire.
    The company that won the contract to process the Obamacare applications is Serco Inc., which is headquartered in Reston. "Our parent company is based in the UK," Hill said, "And we do work for the federal government. Sometimes there's a lot of sensitive classified work, so there's a firewall between us and our parent company. There's certain information they cannot know or we cannot provide to them."
    Whenever Hill makes a call to the British office, for example, he has to log the call and write down what he discussed with them. Serco Inc. has a separate, independent board. So it is indeed part of a British-based group, but at the same time a Virginia-based firm.
    Want a job working on Obamacare? Has Serco got a deal for you! The company is already recruiting what will be an estimated 1,500 workers who will handle paper applications for private insurance coverage that come in through the new marketplaces. Most applications, the government expects, will come in online.
    Serco has decided to headquarter its operations in Alabama, Arkansas and Kentucky. As to why these places were chosen, Hill said it has a lot with where they think they can stand up an office really fast.
    "We have to go out and look at what is readily available, or what can be converted within the timeline to meet the requirements," Hill said of office space. "Then there are all sorts of other factors, like what areas have a readily available workforce that have the experience you want. You have to look at what cities want to work with you. These areas obviously had space available and a workforce that could support us."

    Our tax dollars working for hmmmm against us...impressed yet????

    Obamacare is REALLY is..

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    Nothing Works! But Secretary Sebelius Says You’re “Thrilled” with Your Choices

    Posted on December 13, 2013

    Liberals are delusional and trying to make sure their dependents stay delusional too.

    Check it out:

    “Congressional staffers were warned Wednesday not to rely on information provided by the Obamacare exchange website, in an e-mail alert informing them they might not be enrolled for coverage even if they technically signed up.”

    Congressional staffers told not to rely on information. What about the rest of us, then? “The ‘very important’ message, sent to Capitol Hill officials Wednesday afternoon, is the latest sign that the government has concerns about the reliability of the system.” No kidding. They only get concerned when members of Congress can’t sign up or when they can’t rely on information provided by the exchange website?

    “Despite improvements in the basic operation of the exchange websites, and increased enrollment, there are lingering concerns about whether those signing up will actually be covered on Jan. 1.”

    Wasn’t it last week or something we were told that if you had signed up with the exchange that you had better call your insurance company to find out? To not accept whatever the website told you, that you’d better call and confirm it? And now members of Congress are being told the same thing, and they thought they were covered. They thought they were being taken care of. They thought their subsidies were being handled, they had nothing to worry about.

    Continue Reading on ...


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