Secret Society Illuminati card game PREDICTED 9/11 terror attack, Donald Trump, Covid-19 and the “Insurrection” riot at the Washington DC Capitol building

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How could anyone have predicted that the World Trade Center "Twin Towers" would be attacked by "terrorists" in the 1990s? Then, how could those same soothsayers predict Donald Trump would charismatically lead millions of patriots called "fanatics" to rally for the Republic? On top of that, how could these same prognosticators know that a pandemic, accompanied by toxic vaccines and mass-quarantine, would be used as a WEAPON to devastate a "targeted" populace (enemy of autocracy)?Well, a secret society called the "illuminati" is nothing more than a cabal of billionaires who want to control the world, including all governments, all people and everyone's minds to boot, and they love to pretend they can "predict the future" that they install and inflict themselves with well-planned schemes, staged catastrophes, political plots and diabolical tactics. That brings us to the 1990s card game about a "New World Order" that unveiled some conspiracy theories the populace still can't seem to wrap their (brainwashed) heads around.
Discontinued multiplayer card game from 1994 eerily predicted major global events like the plandemic, 9/11 and the rise of Donald Trump

Pick a card, any card. The illuminati (insidious secret society of satanists) has some mythical predictions they would like to embed in your mind. It's really all about world domination, bragging about the "moves" in advance that will bring it about, and then pretending to be unbelievably accurate fortune tellers after the events transpire. This is called power-tripping, and it even dates back to the same company's 1982 board game and fantasy novels prior to that. Society is being manipulated, no doubt, into an apocalyptic world where a dozen or so billionaires pull the strings of all the puppets on the world's stage.
The Tarot-style card game features several cards that perfectly align with the globalist "deep state" schemes to control the populace, or battle oppositional forces to their goals of complete control. The cards themselves instruct the players about how they can control, manipulate and propagate disaster, politics and terrorist-style events.
Check out the "Terrorist Nuke" card that shows one of the Twin Towers exploding nearly exactly where the (drone) commercial jet crashed into the massive building on September 11th, 2001. How could this predictive card be so accurate and 9/11 not be some kind of "inside job?"
Another card shows a bomb exploding at the Pentagon. Yet another shows a blond-haired "Charismatic Leader" that's a white man with broad shoulders leading a crowd of "fanatics." Then of course there's a card for the nefarious Hillary Clinton character and the insidious Saddam Hussein. The cards even delve into social phenomenon we're all experiencing now, with the politically-motivated use of "Insensitive Pronouns." Really?
Is this all just another money-making scheme? Unsealed decks of these soothsayer cards sell on Amazon and eBay for about $2,000. See for yourself... coincidence, soothsaying or the illuminati globalist plan being "played" out on the world's stage?

Currently, this pretend fortune-telling by the elites is still being played out. Take for example the Obama-produced Netflix movie "Leave the World Behind," that just came out a few months ago. This movie features a key scene that shows a huge container ship being hacked by cyber-terrorists who crash it onto a beach full of tourists. Sound familiar?
The world just witnessed a container vessel that was seemingly manipulated by cyber-terrorists who crashed it into the Key Bridge in Baltimore, wrecking the second-busiest supply chain port in America. Coincidence? Highly doubtful. Sounds a lot like more "illuminati" plotting and maneuvering to bring down the Republic and further take control of the populace and the world. Notice the ship is named "White Lion" -- is that another name for "Black Swan," being that this destruction of the U.S. supply chain could have been a planned and plotted event?

Ship crashing into beach scene - Leave The World Behind (2023) (

Baltimore Bridge Collapses After Cargo Ship Slams Into Base | Insider News (

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