Senate Judiciary Vote Thursday for Five Fringe Obama Judges
by Connie Hair


The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote today on five of President Obama’s leftwing fringe judicial nominees -- candidates that have once been returned to the President as unacceptable.

Each of these controversial nominees was passed out of committee but are so controversial that President Obama and Democrat leaders have avoided discussing them in public.

Before breaking for the August recess, Republicans returned these five nominees to the President as unacceptable. It requires unanimous consent to keep a nominee on the executive calendar when the Senate enters a recess period of 30 days or more.

As part of that fundamental change to America that Obama’s hoping for, he’s re-nominated all five. These controversial judges would have lifetime appointments to work their hope and change magic that would alter the notion that judges should be impartial and decide cases based on the law and the facts.

The rundown from the Senate Judiciary Republican media shop:

Robert Chatigny (Second Circuit)

As a federal district court judge in Connecticut, Chatigny did everything in his power to prevent the execution of confessed serial killer and rapist Michael Ross (the “Roadside Strangler