Sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was “a business partner” with JPMorgan Chase Board of Directors, lawsuit reveals

09/17/2023 // Ethan Huff // 3.7K Views

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Another lawsuit has been filed against banking cartel kingpin JPMorgan Chase, the board of directors of which allegedly maintained an illicit multi-decade business partnership with child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.
Filed by two pension funds that owned shares of JPMorgan, the suit accuses CEO Jamie Dimon and former employee Jes Staley of coordinating an effort to have JPMorgan's board "put their heads in the sand" concerning what they knew about Epstein when he was still alive and banking there.
Dimon, Staley, and others allegedly became a cash conduit for Epstein's child sex trafficking network. They allowed Epstein to bank at JPMorgan where he had dozens upon dozens of accounts because they, too, were involved with Epstein and hoping to "go unnoticed" once the world started to learn what Epstein was up to.
"The Board members' business ties to Epstein arise through two specific events: the merger of Bank One (formerly Banc One) with JPMorgan Chase in 2004 – with a number of Bank One Board Members, along with its then CEO, Jamie Dimon, moving from Bank One to JPMorgan Chase," explain Pat and Russ Martens, writing for Wall Street on Parade.
"The second key factor is that billionaire and retailing titan, Leslie Wexner, founder of The Limited and Bath & Body Works (and prior corporate owner of Victoria's Secret), had made Epstein his financial advisor and given him power of attorney in approximately 1986. Wexner had been on the Board of Banc One from at least 1986 to 1991."
(Related: Before "committing suicide," Epstein threatened to expose billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates for an affair he allegedly had with a Russian bridge player.)

If JPMorgan hadn't facilitated and maintained his bank accounts, Epstein would not have been able to traffic and abuse so many innocent children

Dating back no later than the 1980s, JPMorgan's board members maintain extensive business dealing with Epstein that allowed him to continue trafficking children in and out of his private island and elsewhere as part of his global child sex trafficking ring.
Some "higher power" at JPMorgan was ringleading all of this, preventing former Director of Enforcement for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Stephen Cutler, who was also the General Counsel for JPMorgan at the time, from firing Epstein as a client.
"JPM continued doing business with Epstein personally until 2013, and potentially continued to engage with Epstein related entities until his death in jail in 2019," the suit itself states. "In fact, the Company actively concealed Epstein's crimes by failing to file any legally required Suspicious Activity Reports ('SARs'), which are mandated for large cash withdrawals and other suspicious transactions."
Dimon, of course, denies any involvement in the child trafficking ring, claiming he had no idea who Epstein even was or that he banked at JPMorgan until Epstein was arrested in 2019 on federal sex trafficking charges. As we know, Epstein never made it to trial because he conveniently "offed himself" in prison before appearing in court.
Plaintiffs in the case say there is absolutely no possible way that Dimon could not have known about Epstein, suggesting that Dimon is lying. Dimon would have reported directly to Cutler whose job it was to report any and all concerns to Dimon and Staley, who also had an office just a hundred feet away from both Cutler's and Dimon's.
"Adding to the culpability of JPMorgan's Board of Directors is the simple fact that they have not fired Dimon, as either Chairman or CEO, despite the unprecedented crime spree that has ensued as he sat at the helm of the bank," Wall Street on Parade further reported.
"Under Dimon, the bank has been charged with an unprecedented five felony counts by the U.S. Department of Justice – admitting to all of them – and a broader rap sheet that looks like that of an organized crime family."
JPMorgan Chase is a corrupt bank that supports and funds child sex trafficking and other crimes against children. Learn more at
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Sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was “a business partner” with JPMorgan Chase Board of Directors, lawsuit reveals –