The Shady Past Of Terry McAuliffe Virginia’s New Democratic Governor. Good Luck Virginia

Posted on 6 November, 2013 by Dylan

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By Caroline Schaeffer

Although currently embroiled in scandal, longtime Clinton advisor and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe is projected to win the Virginia Governor’s race over Republican Ken Cuccinelli tonight by a small margin.

What does this mean for the country as a whole? McAuliffe, a longtime friend and fundraiser to the Clintons, has led a career that is indicative of the scandals we might have to expect should Hillary Clinton run for and win the presidency in 2016.

So what shady political tactics should we expect? Let’s take a look at McAuliffe’s past.

1. How about renting out the Lincoln bedroom to big-time liberal donors? McAuliffe’s scheme brought in $5.4 million to the DNC during the Clinton years.

2. McAuliffe loaned the Clintons $1.35 million for the purchase of a Chappaqua, NY home so that Hillary could conveniently establish residency for her New York Senate run.

3. Mcauliffe founded Greentech, in which he lured foreign investors, collected millions of dollars for the liberal agenda, and fell far short of employment promises made. He worked with Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham. The company is now under federal investigation

4. McAuliffe illegally solicited donations to the re-election campaign of Teamsters Union candidate Ron Carey in exchange for “donations” into DNC accounts

Despite these illegal activities and flagrant disrespect of the law, Terry McAuliffe was elected by Virginia voters. Will we let the same happen in 2016?