Shockingly, vicious Boko Haram doesn’t free girls after hashtag campaign. Cue shocked face.

May 15, 2014 /

This picture pretty much sums up our foreign policy and advocacy in America now. It’s morphed from liberal bumper sticker and t-shirt activism to now hashtag activism. It’s essentially a way to pretend you care while not actually having to do anything to solve the problem. It’s kind of trendy. You know #Iamhipandyouarenot. Your friends start thinking you’re really involved…especially if you posted it before them. Damn it, how did Sally post this before me?

If you want to return the girls that were abducted, then shouldn’t your campaign really be: #sendin100navyseals? Instead #bringourgirlsback has been born as a way for people to feel warm and fuzzy all the while offering stupidity, inept inaction, and a cause in which sheople can join with other ineffective people in not offering a solution. It’s kind of like the same people that don’t understand the impact of raising the minimum wage to say, um, hmmm, how about $43/hour? There’s no thought and zero understanding of the issue or what it will really do. While believing they’re are saving the poor, they manage to cause millions of poor to lose their jobs and food prices skyrocket so that these same poor people can’t afford the food. Lovely. But hey, #raisetheminimumwage. See, I care and I’m involved…and I posted it before Sally.

It’s kind of like what a person once told me about arguments. He said “before you argue, you better to know what you want as an outcome.” That said, what do people that spread the #bringourgirlsback campaign really want as an outcome? Do they believe that Boko Haram will check their Twitter feed and see that it’s trending and thus let the girls go? I’m pretty sure they’ll retort with #youareajokeandsoarehashtags. It’s probably more likely that Boko Haram will post something about Kanye and Kim on Twitter before they free the girls because of #bringourgirlsback. I digress. No, what people that are pushing the #bringourgirlsback campaign are really doing is trying to convince their peers and other Americans that they care. Ok, we now know you care. Mind if we send in the Navy Seals now? No? #warisnottheanswer? Actually it is and sending in the Seals is really the answer. If you really want to #bringourgirlsback, then you probably need to send in Special Forces and not hashtags. Last time I checked, hashtags don’t shoot terrorists in the head and free hostages.

Then there is this about a week or two after the kidnapping happened:

I mean, seriously Michelle Obama? You hold up a piece of cardboard, put on a solemn face, snap a picture (while standing in a massive and lavish room – we get it, you’re royalty) and think that does anything? Oh, and you do it over a week after it happened?!?! Glad you took some time out from your expensive vacations and lavish parties to pretend you care about poor women in Africa being persecuted by radical Islamists. For someone who loves parties, you were really late to this one! #whereareyouvacationingnextmichelle?

And now people around the world are commenting on Michelle’s hypocrisy when it comes to saving the girls. Remember the drones that have been killing many civilians around the world in collateral damage? You didn’t know about #dronestrikes? The ones that have killed thousands of innocent people including women and children? Not to do the moral equivalency thing, but those drones have killed more civilians than Boko Haram has or will kill. Here’s a good way to put it: