Show your CCP loyalty: Republicans linked to Sequoia Venture Capital are acting very weird

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Democrats are being exposed for their connections to the Chinese Communist Party, as a post from June 25 shows, calling Democrat John Kerry out for his massive investments in Chinese energy, which sounds a whole lot like what we hear about the Biden Crime Family lately and what we know about the families of the Clintons and the Peosi’s.
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But it is not just Democrats who betrayed the American people in these ways by giving access to foreign groups. And the money was not just being made on energy.
“The flow of capital and profit was going towards weapons and making people nervous, in 2018. There were investigations into how the CCP used Wall Street, which were shut down. Three investigations were happening in parallel at the same time, and Mike Turner shut those down. Sequoia never had to answer the inquiry from the committee, and then Sequoia became Kevin McCarthy’s top donor,” Brian Costello told Steve Bannon, host of the War Room, on Wednesday.
Bannon, who says that America has become a tributary state for the CCP because of the greed of too many American politicians, talked about that 2018 era committee and recalled that US Rep. Devin Nunes was head of the House Inteli public select committee on China at the time. He deputized two people to investigate the CCP actions, and that the FEC, DOJ, and FBI all looked away.
and nothing ever came from any of it.
US Rep Mike Turner (R-OH) had joined the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in 2015 and was appointed Chairman on January 23, 2023.

“They actually stopped going to the government and started going to Wall Street because they know that the the people running the country are the ones who are stuffing the politician’s pockets,” Costello, who identified Bannon that he was the source for that intelligence committee investigation into Sequoia in 2018, because he knew who was taking the money.
Costello says he warned McCarthy not to take funds from Sequoia and that it was an “Open Secret” in DC about who was funding him, even in the Speaker race.
The discussion between Bannon and Costello was in reaction to an explosive Wednesday Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article about a CCP-linked Venture Capital Fund called Sequoia, which is getting mainstream interest this week because it threatens to reveal who in the US and India was profiting along with them.
Costello is pulling no punches on the topic of the CCP’s actions. He exposed a lot of government corruption to Bannon’s War Room audience. Costello does appear to have a firm grasp on the financial dealings of many people.
For example- Costello called out another firm. Two of the top funders are Sequoia Capital vs. Hillhouse: which the media calls “China’s Fiercest Investor Rivalry”.
Costello pointed out that American politicians are involved with both groups and slammed Kerry for his conflict of interest, as Kerry was trying to entice Americans to invest in foreign energy companies for Hillhouse- but remember, it is not just Kerry he is ripping:
So say’s the Climate Czar, with a $1m stake in Hillhouse, China, who makes alternative energy investments. Gross conflict. What's the ROI on your private equity investment (Hillhouse) undermining US energy to favor China @JohnKerry. Do you expect $20, $30, or $50 million back?
— Brian Costello (@bpcostello) June 25, 2023
Costello also has much more to say about who was involved with Sequoia and named people who are acting weird- this week- in public as they tried to denounce President Donald J. Trump.
Paul Ryan (R-WI) and embattled Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) both publicly commented about their negative feelings about Trump’s chances for the Presidency in 2024 and then tried to backtrack on what they said.
The denunciation appeared to be a show of obedience to foreign money sources who want Trump to lose.
And that makes sense because the CCP loves their denunciation rallies- or their struggle sessions.
In other words, it appears the American public is seeing the ouster of Republicans secretly married to the CCP and Chinese investment groups. They are the Republicans who are going to say they do not like Trump after pretending to support him in the past.
On Wednesday, Ryan, the former speaker of the house, appeared on the show- Squak Box- to slam Trump and marginalize Trump’s supporters:
Paul Ryan must have something is his closet to be controlled this bad.
— cagrown5 (@cagrown5) June 28, 2023
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Show your CCP loyalty: Republicans linked to Sequoia Venture Capital are acting very weird –