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    sign Petition against Ben Nelson for Huckabee

    Sign here: ... tion_id=11

    Senator Nelson – Just Say No!!

    To Senator Ben Nelson:

    We, the undersigned, urge you not to turn your back on the people of America and the people of Nebraska. Tell Harry Reid NO – you will not support a bill that the people do not want.

    1. Tell Harry Reid that a bill with $518.5 Billion in gross tax increases is unacceptable as are the following:
    - $149 Billion tax increase on private health insurance plans
    - $43 Billion in new taxes and fines levied on individuals and businesses
    - More than $100 Billion in taxes and fees on the health care industry
    - $87 Billion Medicare payroll tax

    2. Tell Harry Reid that you won’t support $470.7 Billion in Medicare cuts, including $120 Billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage.

    3. Tell Harry Reid that you are really pro life and won’t accept language that includes a provision “that allows states to prohibit abortion coverage in the exchanges.

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    50,143 Signatures and counting...

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