Silver Dollar Values Prices Will Be Skyrocketing When Silver Hits $600 & Gold Hits $6,500 An Ounce

Dec 24, 2011 -
Spot gold closed at $1,608.00 Friday, up $1.60 or .10%. Get prepared. We're now entering the final stages in the collapse of the U.S. dollar. The huge increases in cash supplies will tank the value of the dollar and erode the very fabric of America's economic security. Consequently, gold and silver prices are will no doubt skyrocket, regardless of the short-term main volatility we've lately observed.
Many investors have been rushing to me asking if it is too late to purchase precious metals with gold in the $1,500/oz range and lately spiking to almost $50/oz. We maintain telling them exactly the same thing.

Regardless of whatever the price of gold or silver is these days, each metals will probably be worth more than twice as a lot inside 12 months. That means $3,000 gold this time next year! Following that, I believe gold could break $6,500 an ounce.

And as you realize, silver's gains will probably be a lot higher. When the bull marketplace is all stated and done, there is no doubt we might be taking a look at silver prices exceeding $600 an ounce.
And we are able to all thank the crooks in D.C. for it. In his first ever press conference following a policy meeting two weeks ago, Bernanke told us all of the methods he has saved our economic climate.

What a crock!
The Federal Reserve cannot stop the coming monetary meltdown.
So far this year, the U.S. Treasury has raised $293 billion in net money by selling debt securities. And so far this year, the Federal Reserve has bought a net $330 billion of Treasury notes and bonds.
This translates to the Fed supplying 100% of the net new money the Treasury has raised this year - plus an additional $37 billion required to mop up even more mess! But who will purchase Treasuries when the Fed does not? China? Germany? Japan? You? Me?

Going to Hell in a Hand Basket
We're now getting very close as well as accelerating toward the finish game for the U.S. dollar and also the American Empire as we know it. Have your life boats prepared.

It will not be a lot longer prior to individuals truly start purchasing each gold and silver to shield themselves from this enviable collapse. The only way out of our dilemma, absent very big entitlement cuts, would be to default in one (or perhaps a mixture) of 4 methods:

Outright through contractual abrogation (certainly unthinkable)

Surreptitiously through accelerating and unexpectedly greater inflation (most likely, but not substantial in its impact)

Deceptively through a declining dollar (presently taking location in front of our very eyes)
Stealthily through policy rates and Treasury yields far beneath historical levels (paying savers less on their cash and hoping they will not complain)

I'd bet on a mixture of deception, betrayal, and trickery.

Following the Intelligent Cash
This past month, the University of Texas purchased a billion dollars' worth of gold and is getting it stored in a private depository. This really is large news.

More and more, the intelligent group of our population is beginning to figure issues out. Sadly, nevertheless, the unsuspecting masses are being led perfectly by the well-oiled government/media propaganda machine like sheep to the slaughter. This really is going to be a terrible reality for so many unfortunate Americans who have no concept as to what's coming shortly down the road.

And you are able to rest assured the politicos in Washington will do what all politicians do once they are trapped in such a manner: lie, cheat, steal, spin the details, cover their asses at all costs, abuse their power, and misinform on a huge scale. But even using the help of the government-controlled media, the time of consequences can no longer be held at bay.

Totally free marketplace forces will win; governments, banksters, and their power structures will come tumbling down just as we have been seeing elsewhere about the globe these past six months.
The spoils will visit those that had been ready and understood the debacle years prior to it hit.

The precious metals and also the junior mining shares will reward those that understood, and punish those that didn’t. Yes, the precious metals marketplace will probably be very volatile in each directions at occasions, but purchase the dips as gold and silver will maintain heading to greater and greater ground.
As long because the Fed and U.S. government adhere to the course of “Quantitative Easing” or something like it, you are able to rest assured that gold and silver prices will soar! In the event you leave your cash in U.S. banks in dollars, you'll shed most of the buying power of one's cash.

Use the downside volatility to purchase any dips you see in the metals. Whether or not you purchased gold at $600, $1,000, or $1,500 an ounce, it truly will not matter a lot when gold is trading at $6,500 an ounce or more.

Exactly the same thing could be stated for silver. Do not be concerned so a lot whether or not you purchased at $25 or $50; silver will probably be priced in the hundreds of dollars an ounce, possibly $600 or more because the silver to gold ratio descends to 15 to 1, and possibly even ten to one. Now may be the best opportunity in your lifetime to buy gold and buy silver.