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Thread: Situation Update, Dec. 2nd – Trump readies martial law option for defending the repub

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    Situation Update, Dec. 2nd – Trump readies martial law option for defending the repub

    Situation Update, Dec. 2nd – Trump readies martial law option for defending the republic

    Wednesday, December 02, 2020 by: Mike Adams

    (Natural News) Highlights from today’s Situation Update. Full podcast player below:

    • Joe Biden now photographed in a “medical boot,” while reporters prohibited from observing his arrival at the doctor’s office.
    • William Barr’s comments twisted by the AP, DOJ issues correction and claims the DOJ is still investigating lots of things.
    • Pennsylvania legislators working to reclaim their power to choose electors.
    • Lawmakers in Ohio and Michigan move to impeach their own governors.
    • SCOTUS ruling in 2000, Bush vs. Gore, cited Fourteenth Amendment “Equal Protection” clause in how ballots were treated.
    • GITMO massive expansion under way over the last year, in preparation for post-election arrests.
    • USPS workers conspired to move fraudulent ballots across state lines, into PA. Amistad Project / whistleblower Jesse Morgan.
    • “Local” rigging of elections by Dems was blown away by “global” rigging via the CIA and globalists who want a color revolution (which requires Trump in the White House).
    • Col. Phil Waldron confirms “Yes our white hat hackers, they have that traffic and the packets.” This means the DoD / 305th has all the real-time traffic and commands to insert fake votes into the swing states.
    • Lou Dobbs calls for Trump to declassify all the documents related to spygate / Russiagate / FISA abuse.
    • Operation Warp Speed was all about positioning military assets for this, not about mass-vaccinating everyone by using troops.
    • The Defeat-ISIS Task Force director has now been removed from the DoD as more personnel changes are under way. (Christopher Maier.) Names of the higher level people who have been removed include James Anderson, Joseph Kernan, Jen Stewart and Alexis Ross.
    • Lin Wood and others calling for Trump to declare limited martial law and order a new, fair election under military authority.
    • Trump campaign lawyer calls for treasonous Krebs (of CISA) to be, “taken out at dawn and shot” for treason.
    • Rick Wiles of TruNews cites history of wartime battlefield executions, calls for all treasonous actors in the USA who are taking money from the CCP to be executed.
    • Why Trump cannot go half way on martial law. He will have to go all the way or not initiate it at all.

    Listen and share everywhere:
    Situation Update, Dec. 2nd - Trump readies martial law option for defending the republic

    Situation Update, Dec. 2nd – Trump readies martial law option for defending the republic –

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    It is our President, who is our Commander-in-Chief's, duty to protect us from all enemies, be it foreign or domestic.

    This IS domestic and foreign interference in our elections to overthrow a sitting President, to carry out a Coup, Sedition, and Treason against WE the American people.

    If they do not rectify this dirty election, wrought with graft, then our President must not back down and get it done.

    Military Tribunals in Gitmo and hunt down every scumbag who committed felony election fraud even if it takes two years to do it.

    All must be charged and punished.

    We must stand up and send a message to the world...we KNOW you have been cheating for decades...we now have a President who will not back down and you will be prosecuted and pay for this, even if it is ultimately with your life, which you deserve, the death penalty by firing squad.


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