Slaves or Not: the American Police State
By Ken Hildebrand
April 20, 2012

Host of the Information Nation on Orion Talk Radio and contributing writer for End the Lie

As I sat at my computer the other day, preparing for Sunday’s radio show, a thought crossed my mind. It troubled me that the people of this country were so shallow.

I found it disturbing that their thought process didn’t go past what Rush Limbaugh had said about Sandra Fluke or that Barack Obama took money from Bill Maher after his comments about Sara Palin.

We seem to get all upset about trivial matters, but not about the fact that America is being turned into a police state.

After 9/11 the PATRIOT Act was passed and took away some of all of our Constitutional freedoms.

Illegal wire taps were just the first stage, there was more to come. Next it was being forced to take off your shoes and belt at the airport, place your other belonging on a conveyor belt to be x-rayed and go through a metal detector.

Since Barack Obama took office your loss of freedoms has escalated. Go to the airport now and be x-rayed, groped and in many ways treated like a terrorist. If you refuse you will not be able to travel and if you complain you could be arrested.

Next you have the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, which has turned the entire United States of America into a battleground. You could be arrested and detained for an indefinite period of time with no legal counsel. This means that your family will have no contact with you and they will not know where you are. Your rights have been taken.

Enter the Department of Homeland Security. Their perverse treatment of you and your family at airports has expanded to bus terminals, train stations, shopping malls, sporting events and to the highways. Their groping goes nationwide. Now they want to place TSA agents on buses to check your bags, grope you and question you while you go to work or shopping all in the name of safety and catching terrorists.

Have you thought about this? The terrorist will normally attack a public place with a suicide bomber exploding him or herself to get the maximum effect of fear. They are not going to board a plane or bus just to get you. They are not a group of high tech whiz kids.

Look at the bombings in the Middle East. They are random and not well planned out. They go for soft targets, where the chance of success is high and fear is the result. They are not trying to kill 3000+ people at once. If they get 5 or 10 killed and many more injured and induce fear they have done their job.

Barack Obama said that he wanted a civilian security force as well equipped and well funded as the military, and he has it in the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security.

The NDAA and many presidential executive orders have stripped you of your Constitutional rights. The Dept of Homeland Security is the enforcement arm just like the SS or the Gestapo. They are not there to catch terrorists but to control you. The job of catching terrorists and protecting America falls on the FBI.

The terrorist has never had it so good. The level of fear in this country has grown to a point where weak willed Americans just want to be safe no matter what the cost and that cost is your freedoms. Welcome to the American police state.

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Slaves or Not: the American Police State :