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    Social Aspects of the Genus Jackass

    Wonder Boy is a second rate con-man. It is said that the greatest deceptions, like grand illusions are done right before your eyes.

    Wonder Boy has said that he looks for a Supreme Court Justice capable of ruling with empathy. The stage was set.

    Empathy is an emotion. Emotions will sway justice. The scales have been weighted with the introduction of empathy.

    Symantics are used to spin and add a twist to the perception of a given situation, smoke and mirrors applied to words.

    The term Anchor Baby is just such an emotionally charged buzz phrase. A symantic deception clothed in emotions. The anchor portrays the image of a tool that belongs, that is hooked to a vessel that must now stay put as well. The anchor is stationary, it belongs, gravity demands that it stick in place.

    The anchor when linked to the word baby cannot help but to stir emotions, empathy. Emotions are used in place of the rule of law, used to make right that which cannot be right in law, justice denied. Was the empathy to be instilled in the justice, or the general population. One thing is for sure, the commie cannot resist the emotional pleas to recognize that the anchor belongs. It not only makes sense, but it pulls at the heartstrings.

    Further down the road the anchor has denied justice to all others who wiish to believe in the rule of law. The scales are not to be tipped due to empathy, yet tipped they are, emotions have demanded they be.

    The anchor also becomes tainted with empathy, turmoil, pulled heartstrings, emotional grasps for a sense of understanding; a search will be sought for justice as the anchor grows up confused trying to make sense out of a situtation that the anchor had no intentions of being caught up in. Realizing that his parents stole their way into this land, and that the anchor was the only reason they were able to jump the line to try and gain something so sacred as citizenship in this country, a country that has created much turmoil, a country that has had to struggle when the law did not work, when politicians acted in decptive manners, corupt and unworthy of service. All around the issue of the anchor is contention dropped upon a person that has had deceit drug behind, all the while growing up. Confusion and anger are present in a mind trying to make sense of a situation that cannot be made legitimate. A stain on the mind, a stain that will pull and tug at the emotions, emotions that will plead for excuses to justify the actions taken so long ago, yet they can never be made right.

    Emotions are the weapons of the liberals, of the communists. Thus the anchor will seek like minds. Minds that will attempt to make sense of laws that have been broken. A place of refuge.

    The anchor, tainted with the inner struggle will haunt society for a long time. The anchor will run and serve as a legislators in the future. The tainted mind and emotional tugs will follow.

    Wonder Boy is busy trying to make many in his own image, a contridiction forced to struggle, to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. Minds will be won to the side of deceit and deceptions; they will become second nature, common, accepted, honed senses always searching for the easy way out..........charge with empathy.

    Emotions have won the mind, the ultimate prize, as all else will follow.

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    Wow, nice piece and very eloquently stated.
    ...I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid...

    William Barret Travis
    Letter From The Alamo Feb 24, 1836

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    Thank You TexasBorn.

    I have had the good fortune of coming upon some professional papers written around and just after the Russian Revolution fired its shot that was heard around the world. These are American academics, social and pyschology professionals and there works, dozens and dozens of papers in book format. Make no mistake about it, the progressives of that era were indeed communists. They had no benefit of hindsight as the revolution had just happened and they were excited, their excitement is reflected in their papers. Their policies live on.

    Perhaps if Americans are to pay through grants, sociologists and psychologists to do studies, then perhaps some should study the illegal immigration effects taking place right now. Question: How many protestors, demanding amnesty now, are recepients of the amnesty of 86? How many are decendents of those that recieved amnesty in the past? What does the recipient of amnesty feel when they see the Statue of Liberty?

    If some of the social issues raised seem trivial, I believe that the trivial, when managed and implemented out front in the open, combined with the element of time and mixed with societal contentions and the psychological elements gradually add up for a desired result. A struggle at many levels including the class struggle.

    Only the strongest anchors will be able to grow up and become politically conservative in nature, being denied of ability to go back in time and change the method in which they recieved their citizenship, in a manner that instills pride, and allows for assimilation they will gravitate to a like mind, the universal socialists.

    We know that we do ourselves no good by even considering an amnesty to confer citizenship upon those that have stolen their way here, and we do them no favors either, as their lineage becomes stained with a legacy less than honorable.


    The devil is in the details.

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