[Watch] Socialist Sen Sanders on VA – “People Die Everyday,” Free Pass on Why He Ignored Problems

Posted on 24 May, 2014 by Rick Wells

How can Bernie Sanders, the Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, engage in a nationally-televised interview and not be asked why his committee has failed to act to correct the problems at the VA? Of course, the answer is the complicit Obama media, and socialist Bernie is a kindred spirit with socialist Barry, therefore, untouchable.
Sanders doesn’t want us to “get out in front of ourselves,” so he’s onboard with the fourth Inspector General’s report after ignoring the previous three. At least it buys him time and an opportunity to divert attention elsewhere.
The socialist senator then is questioned as to why he doesn’t trust the CNN reporting, that the system cost American lives. He responds by attempting to discredit one report with another, but his spin is exposed, so he has to abandon it, saying “people die every day.”
Sanders acknowledges that the hearings of that day are intended to look at problems with the VA, and agrees that there are conditions which he is going to address immediately upon receipt of the Inspector General’s report. He admits that there have been reports year after year about waiting lists, and he doesn’t think the VA has effectively dealt with that problem.

That would have been a good time to ask the senator why his committee hasn’t addressed these known problems before now, letting them fester and become as serious as they have.
Sanders is then allowed to switch the discussion to the socialist/Democrat bedrock argument of more money as well as the staffing distribution. Obama claims to have doubled the amount of money the VA has received during his tenure, so where has the oversight been?
Have they just thrown money at the problem with no specific direction as to where it should be sent and spent? Isn’t that what General Shinseki is supposed to be doing? Shouldn’t Sanders’ Committee be providing oversight as well?
The interviewer, predictably, lets both of them off the hook while giving the appearance of a confrontational interview. No accountability was sought for Sanders ignoring the reports of troubles dating back to the Bush administration and none of Shinseki. The CNN lapdog media once again did its job.

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