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    Something even darker and more malevolent is happening

    June 25, 2010

    The Leftist 'Purification' Movement

    By Andrew Thomas

    To the contemporary conservative, progressive ideology is often murky and incomprehensible. It is very difficult for some on the right to understand the apparently illogical and unrealistic machinations of the radical leftist mindset. Their political objectives, if achieved, inevitably lead to further demands for concessions toward an ever-greater ideological purity.

    Something even darker and more malevolent is happening, however. The various radical leftist factions and special interest groups are rapidly coalescing into a global movement.

    A comprehensive and enlightening treatise on this topic was recently published in Orbis, the Foreign Policy Research Institute's journal of world affairs, written by University of Buffalo professor Ernest Sternberg.

    The article is titled, "Purifying the World: What the New Radical Ideology Stands For". It will open your eyes and scare you to death.

    In Steinberg's analysis, from the historical ashes of failed fascist and communist regimes a new totalitarian ideology is emerging:

    Though a mouthful, world purificationism would do well in expressing what the movement wants. It wants to achieve a grand historical vision: the anticipated defeat of imperial capitalist power in favor of a global network of beneficent culture-communities, which will empower themselves through grassroots participatory democracy, and maintain consistency across movements through the rectifying power of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), thereby bringing into being a new era of global social justice and sustainable development, in which the diverse communities can harmoniously share an earth that has been saved from destruction and remade pristine.

    The sworn enemy of the purifiers is simply referred to as "Empire" (preceding it with "the Evil" is not necessary, apparently). Empire's evil manifestations are capitalism and Zionism. The geographical focus of purificationism's hatred is the United States and Israel.

    Steinberg compares the new movement to previous anti-capitalist and anti-Zionist movements:

    Unmentionable for decades in progressive scholarly company, the similarity between totalitarianisms has once again received academic attention, in part because of interest in comparing Soviet, Maoist, Khmer, and Nazi genocides. The new work has renewed appreciation that fascism and communism did not just have similar regimes. They also shared parallel ideologies. [...]

    Convinced that they have this unique mission, they must motivate hatred of opponents. They carry out or at least legitimize ruthless violence. And they assert the privilege to shape life's purpose and meaning for millions.

    The purificationist dream is a world without borders, governed by a global network of NGO's. Almost all current activist organizations containing the words "green", "justice", "peace", or "solidarity" would find a position in the ruling structure. These NGO's would gravitate toward forming a totalitarian regime since, as Steinberg points out, they are "unaccountable to an electorate and escape political checks and balances..."

    Even more disturbing is the increasing coalition between progressivism and radical Islam. Steinberg's piece includes a quote from George Galloway, a progressive British parliamentarian, when asked if Muslims and progressives could unite in a common cause:

    Not only do I think it's possible but I think it is vitally necessary and I think it is happening already. It is possible because the progressive movement around the world and the Muslims have the same enemies... They have the same interest in opposing savage capitalist globalization which is intent upon homogenizing the entire world turning us basically into factory chickens which can be forced fed the American diet of everything from food to Coca-Cola to movies and TV culture... So on the very grave big issues of the day -- issues of war, occupation, justice, opposition to globalization -- the Muslims and the progressives are on the same side.

    To me, this sounds like a coalition between factory chickens and poultry butchers. But it exemplifies the unreality in the strategic thinking of progressives. They visualize a world of communities living in perfect harmony with nature and each other, with minimal industrial activity, no profit motive, and no greed. Everyone is tolerant of others' beliefs (unless they are capitalists or conservatives). How they intend to deal with the violent intolerance of Islam toward other religions and cultures is not considered.

    It is imperative to thoroughly understand this evolving ideological movement in order to effectively resist it. The socialist ideology is so pervasive that it will probably never be completely defeated. Time after time, it has been seemingly destroyed and discredited, only to rise again in a new incarnation. Its adherents play by no rules (other than Alinsky's), and their ends justify any means required. ... indid=2314

    One issue that Steinberg does not address is the pervasive, unrelenting propaganda machine that constitutes the progressive mainstream media. As long as free-thinking individuals are misled and kept ignorant of the purificationist agenda, the infiltration of our institutions and the destruction of our freedoms and values will continue.

    We who believe in capitalism, the US Constitution, and individual liberty must do everything possible to educate others and disrupt this movement. Otherwise, the sweet dreams of the purifiers will inevitably result in an unending totalitarian nightmare of global proportions.

    Andrew Thomas blogs at
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    Well, looks like they pretty much got it all in there.

    I still feel rudderless and floundering and trying to get my sea legs and every time I try to put a label to myself and understand where I fit in all of this I hear hate names in my head - names that have been thrown out by one or the other side over the years - so I just keep coming back to Common Sense.
    Restitution to Displaced Citizens First!

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    We who believe in capitalism, the US Constitution, and individual liberty must do everything possible to educate others and disrupt this movement. Otherwise, the sweet dreams of the purifiers will inevitably result in an unending totalitarian nightmare of global proportions.

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