Spanish authorities send RIOT POLICE to quell farmer protests

02/19/2024 // Ramon Tomey // 100 Views

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Authorities in Spain have deployed riot police to quell farmer protests as several other European Union (EU) member countries see similar demonstrations.
On Feb. 9, a group of farmers announced plans to gather in the Spanish capital Madrid on Feb. 24, near the headquarters of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE). Incumbent Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is currently the secretary-general of the PSOE, assuming the position in June 2017.
But Spanish Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who has close ties to the PSOE, has warned that "they are not going to allow" the protests to reach the party's headquarters. The protesting farmers have organized tractor drives and road blockades in various Spanish cities in opposition to stringent EU regulations on farming. (Related: Farmer protests erupt across Europe over GREEN POLICIES that demand the obliteration of food production.)
According to the El Mundo newspaper, hundreds of officers from the Spanish National Police Corps' (CNP) Police Intervention Unit (UIP) were deployed in Madrid and Valladolid to address the roadblocks the protesting farmers set up. "The demonstrations are expected to continue over the coming weeks," the Daily Expose continued.
Also on Feb. 9, traffic on the A-2 highway to Madrid near the central town of Torija slowed down behind a convoy of tractors bearing Spanish flags and blaring their horns. Farmers wearing yellow vests waved baguettes from an overpass at the vehicles below.
Meanwhile, footage that went viral on social media showed a group of protesters near the southern city of Jerez. The farmers reportedly grabbed boxes of cherry tomatoes from a truck and dumped the contents. According to the protesters, the tomatoes were of Moroccan origin.
A separate report by El Mundo recounted a clash between protesters and police officers near the southwestern city of Merida. Demonstrators lobbed rocks at the officers, prompting law enforcement to deploy tear gas to disperse them.
Globalist Eurogendfor police force deployed against farmers

Aside from UIP personnel, social media posts have also confirmed the deployment of the multinational European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogendfor) against the farmers. These Eurogendfor members were reportedly involved in aggression toward demonstrators. One such video circulating on social media said the paramilitary police had been deployed "to crush the farmers in Granada," which is located in southern Spain.
Meanwhile, another Twitter user pointed out that the aggression against protesting farmers is not a signature of the CNP. Citing footage taken in the city of Murcia as an example, the Twitter user explained: "The [CNP] set up street blockades which the farmers easily bypass, … take little action and let them do their thing. Eurogendfor, on the contrary, they do fight."
According to its X profile, the Eurogendfor "is a multinational police force born to participate in the stabilization of crisis and conflict areas outside the EU." It was established in October 2007 after five EU member nations – France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain – signed a treaty affirming its existence. Romania and Poland later joined the Eurogendfor's original five members.
"Since its foundation, Eurogendfor has been deployed – under the aegis of the main international organizations –in various theaters of operations such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Haiti, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger and Mali," the Daily Expose shared.
"Despite Eurogendfor clearly stating it is only deployed … outside the EU, if Eurogendfor has been deployed against the Spanish farmers, it would not be for the first time within the [bloc]."
The Expose recounted that in 2018, it was believed that the paramilitary force was deployed during a protest in France. It cited eyewitness accounts attesting to the presence of armored vehicles displaying the EU flag or foreign emblems.
Other eyewitnesses also recognized the Eurogendfor's coat of arms – a sword, a potted plant and a wreath of leaves under it, all inside a blue shield. Some also recognized the force's motto "Lex Paciferat" (the law makes peace).
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Watch this footage of protesting farmers expelling law enforcement from a gathering in the northern Spanish city of Logrono.

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