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    Stefan Halper

    Stefan Halper

    Connected to: Oxford University Stanford University Ronald Reagan

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Stefan Halper

    Born 1944

    Nationality United States

    Education B.A. Stanford, Phd from Cambridge and Oxford University
    Alma mater University of Cambridge, Oxford University and Stanford

    Occupation Professor

    Stefan Halper (born 1944) is an American foreign policy scholar. He served as a White House official in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations and is currently the Director of American Studies at the Department of Politics, University of Cambridge.[1] He is also a Life Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge. He served as a spy for the 1980 Ronald Reagan Presidential campaign, handing off classified foreign policy information from inside the Carter White House. Years later, he would serve as an FBI operative, monitoring the 2016 Donald Trump Presidential campaign.[2]

    He is the co-author of the bestselling book, America Alone: The Neo-Conservatives and the Global Order published by the Cambridge University Press (2004), and The Silence of the Rational Centre: Why American Foreign Policy is Failing (Basic Books, 2007). In April 2010, his book The Beijing Consensus: Legitimizing Authoritarianism in our Time, was published by Basic Books. Also a best seller, it has been published in Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea and France.
    Background and education

    Halper graduated from Stanford University in 1967 and gained a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oxford (1971) and the University of Cambridge (2004).[3][1] Halper is the son-in-law of Ray S. Cline.[4]


    U.S. government (1971–1984)

    Halper began his US government career in 1971 in the United States Domestic Policy Council, part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States, serving until 1973.[3] He then served in the Office of Management and Budget until 1974, when he moved to the Office of the White House Chief of Staff as Assistant to the Chief of Staff where he had responsibility for a range of domestic and international issues. During this time, Halper worked as an assistant for three Chiefs of Staff, Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney. He held this position until January 20, 1977.[3]

    In 1977, Halper became Special Counsel to the Congressional Joint Economic Committee and Legislative Assistant to Senator William Roth (R-Del.).[3] In 1979 he became National Policy Director for George H. W. Bush's Presidential campaign and then in 1980 he became Director of Policy Coordination for the Reagan- Bush Presidential campaign.[3] In connection with this position Halper's name came up in the 1983/4 investigations into the Debategate affair which was a spying scandal in which CIA officials gave inside information on the Carter administration to the GOP campaign.[4][5] Halper called the report 'just absolutely untrue.'[6]

    After Reagan entered the White House, Halper became Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs.[3] Upon leaving the Department in 1984, he remained a Senior Advisor to the Department of Defense and a Senior Advisor to the Department of Justice until 2001.[3]

    Academic and media career

    From 1986 to 2000 Halper wrote a national security and foreign policy-focused weekly newspaper column, syndicated to 30 newspapers.[3]

    Halper has worked as a senior foreign policy advisor to various think-tanks and research institutions, including the Center for Strategic and International Studies, The Center for the National Interest, where he is a Distinguished Fellow, and The Institute of World Politics where he is a Research Professor. He has served on the Advisory Board of Directors of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies and contributed to various magazines, journals, newspapers and media outlets. These include: The National Interest, The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The American Spectator, the BBC, CNN, SKY NEWS, ABC, CBS, NBC, C-Span, and a range of radio outlets.

    Professor Halper is a member of the Cosmos Club in Washington, and the Travellers Club in London. He is a recipient of the State Department’s Superior Honor Award, the Justice Department’s Director’s Award and the Defense Department’s Superior Honor Award.

    In 2014 Halper met General Michael Flynn and expressed the following concern, “...was alarmed by the general’s apparent closeness with a Russian woman who was also in attendance.”[7]

    In July of 2016 Halper met with Carter Page at a symposium held at Cambridge regarding the upcoming US election.[8]

    In August 2016 Halper met with Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis, offering his services as a foreign-policy adviser.[5]

    In September of 2016 George Papadopoulos was summoned to England by Halper, who was offering to pay him to discuss energy issues involving Turkey, Israel and Cyprus, which was his area of expertise.[8]

    On November 3, 2016 five days before the US election Halper was interviewed by Sputnik News and said, "I believe Hillary Clinton would be best for US-UK relations and for relations with the European Union. Clinton is well-known, deeply experienced and predictable. US-UK relations will remain steady regardless of the winner although Clinton will be less disruptive over time."[9]

    In December of 2016 former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, Stefan Halper, a former policy adviser at the White House, and historian Peter Martland resigned from their positions at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS), an academic forum on the Western spy world. Professor Halper said, "unacceptable Russian influence" was the reason for his sudden resignation.[10] The resignations led to the Intelligence and Terrorism Studies journal being shut down. Veruscript, its publishers, dismissed the suggestion and said it is "a serious and wholly unfounded allegation" and went on to say,"The decision was made after a range of spurious and completely unfounded claims were made in UK media about a small sponsorship of under £2,000 of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminars solely to provide marketing funds.".[11]

    Business career

    From 1984 to 1990 Halper was chairman and majority shareholder of the Palmer National Bank of Washington, D.C., the National Bank of Northern Virginia and the George Washington National Bank.[3]

    From May 2012 to July of 2017, Halper was paid a total of $1,058,161 USD by the US government as follows:

    Award ID Date Signed NAICS Code Amount $ Description
    HQ003412C0039 May 30, 2012 541720 $197,626 Classified
    HQ003414C0076 July 30, 2014 541720 $204,000 Classified
    HQ003415C0100 Sept 25, 2015 541720 $244,960 Classified
    HQ003416P0148 Sept 27, 2016 541720 $282,295 Classified
    HQ003416P0148 July 26, 2017 541720 $129,280 Classified

    FBI informant

    Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept wrote in May 2018 that "Over the past several weeks, House Republicans have been claiming that the FBI during the 2016 election used an operative to spy on the Trump campaign, and they triggered outrage within the FBI by trying to learn his identity. ... But now, as a result of some very odd choices by the nation’s largest media outlets, everyone knows the name of the FBI’s informant: Stefan Halper."[2]

    Personal life

    Halper was previously married to Sibyl Cline, daughter of former CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence, Ray S. Cline.[4]
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    The FBI framed all these Trump people using a spook!! Disgusting.
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