Steve Bonta: Deep State wants Trump BEHIND BARS

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
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(Natural News) The federal indictment against former President Donald Trump will put him behind bars as far as the Deep State is concerned, according to Steve Bonta of the New American magazine.
He shared this sentiment during a June 12 discussion with New American TV host Paul Dragu. Bonta, executive senior editor for the magazine, said: “My prediction is [Trump] will end up behind bars. They are not going to stop. The entire security state apparatus which we now like to call the Deep State is accountable to no one and this is a crisis.”
“It’s hard to know where it will go, but Trump won’t be able to stop it ultimately. They are going to get rid of him. And there’s no way that they are going to allow him to be elected president again. That’s my prediction. I hate to be negative, but that’s what we’ve seen.”
According to Dragu, the Deep State may have finally cornered Trump this time. He cited the 44-page federal indictment against the former president unveiled by the Department of Justice (DOJ) on June 9. (Related: The deep state finally got the indictment they have been wanting: Trump hit with 37 federal counts over handling of classified documents.)
Dragu, the communications director for The John Birch Society (JBS), said the allegations are linked to the documents Trump kept in his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, all of which he had already declassified. The indictment unveiled by Special Counsel Jack Smith alleged that the former president violated the Espionage Act among others.
“No other former U.S. president has been hit with federal charges. The indictment levels the most serious allegations he’s faced so far in the campaign to destroy him. If convicted on all 37 counts, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. Trump is charged by a grand jury with willfully having documents marked with national secrets, refusing to return them to the government and conspiring to obstruct related investigations.”
Liberal Dems “jumping for joy” over Trump indictment

Dragu said liberal Democrats were jumping for joy when news of Trump’s indictment broke out. Former First Lady and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was among them. She expressed her glee on social media on the day Smith unsealed the indictment.
The JBS communications director also noted that Clinton herself wasn’t charged with any crimes for mishandling classified information. Her email scandal was one example of the double standard that passes for “justice” at the DOJ.
Also notable was the case of President Joe Biden, who took documents with him after he left office as vice president during the Obama administration. Former Vice President Mike Pence’s case, who wound up holding on to classified documents, was also noteworthy.
“Clinton, Pence and Biden, neither of these people were charged and none of them had permission to declassify documents. Only Trump has been charged yet he’s the only one who could declassify documents as president. This obviously has nothing to do with equal application of the law. What’s happening here is the regime in power is weaponizing the Justice Department against its chief political opponent, who it likely cannot defeat in a fair and honest election,” said Dragu.
Bonta lamented how the DOJ is now wielding so much power that it could indict literally anybody, anytime for anything. He continued that Trump’s indictment shows how precarious the American Republic is, and warned that it is moving toward an oligarchy.
Ultimately, Bonta warned that the Deep State is “deadly serious about doing whatever they want and getting away with it.” He urged Americans to not underestimate what is happening as the country is headed into a dire situation.
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Watch the full conversation between Paul Dragu and Steve Bonta about former President Donald Trump’s indictment below.

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