Stupak's 'Hans Brinker' - Unmasked

By Richard Olivastro
March 23, 2010

Initially, he seemed to be an American Hans Brinker, who willingly put his finger in the Washington dyke.

He seemed to understand:

That... the dyke was the only thing remaining.

That... the dyke was holding back the heavy waves of discordant change that threatened the American people.

That... if the dyke gave way, the weight of the water would wash away freedom.

That... most Americans did not want what was in the bill.

That... it's proponents were forcing it on the people.

In the end, Rep. Bart Stupak D-MI knowingly removed his finger from the dyke.

* * *

Previously, Bart Stupak spoke of principles, the unborn and the sanctity of life itself.

But, Sunday, during a nationally televised news conference, Rep. Stupak would not look directly into the TV camera.

Stupak knew his fellow Americans were watching him closely. It was as if he did not want anyone to be able to see his eyes.

Perhaps, Stupak worried that, if citizens could see his eyes, they might be able to look inside... and they would know... more... than he, or any incumbent politician, can handle.

No doubt the pressure from President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and others has been tremendous.

Was the amount of pressure used on Stupak and his five followers the same amount applied on other democrats? Or, did Mr. Obama and other White House operatives... somehow... up the pressure, or even the ante?

Stupak told assembled media and the nation that Obama promised he would issue an executive order which would ensure that no federal funds would ever be used to pay for abortions.

If Obama does issue such an executive order that will contradict the content in the already passed Senate bill that had to be approved 'as is' by the House and then signed by President Obama in order to become law.

One need not be a legal scholar to understand that law birthed from legislation always prevails over executive orders.

But, while that fact reflects constitutional requirements; unfortunately, it is not likely the administration's plan in perpetuity behind their promise to Stupak and his five followers.

Almost every American knows why this happened and what it means.

The calculus is simple. The implications pervasive.

Obama and Pelosi needed to get 216 votes to win passage.

If Stupak and company hold fast to their previously stated principles the dyke likely holds, thus preventing the flood.

But, if Stupak and his five followers could be turned, they would add six to the democrat majority vote count.

When they were turned, Bart Stupak knowingly pulled out his finger, the dam burst, and so-called Health Care Reform passed 219 -- 212, casting Americans adrift on the flood waters of change.

Peter understood the implications if the dike broke.

It was Peter's personal courage and steadfastness in holding back the flood waters that saved the people of the Netherlands.

What the young Peter actually did is the basis upon which author Mary Elizabeth Mapes Dodge wrote the storied legend we all know as "Hans Brinker."

Before Sunday, millions of Americans - in addition to a majority of his constituents -- had placed their trust in Stupak.

They believed Stupak to be an American version of the storied Hans Brinker. They counted on Stupak to keep the government flood waters from sweeping them away.

Stupak talked a good talk.

But, when the pressure came he buckled under it.

Now, all those trusting Americans, from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes and from the Atlantic to the Pacific, know better.

Today, none would tolerate a statue of Bart Stupak anywhere in the United States.

Given they also now know whether or not their incumbent U.S. Rep and Senators can be trusted -- like citizens in Michigan's 1st Congressional District - it's likely most have already made a fateful decision:

Incumbents impersonating Hans Brinker are not acceptable.

The people want real "Peters" on which to rebuild limited government. ... 3231.shtml