Stupid: Texas Democrat says moon is made of gas; slams Republicans for bashing her legendary ignorance

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx.), a "space cadet" as New York Post mockingly described her, "clarified" her previous statement claiming she'll want to live on the moon. The former top Democrat on the House Science Committee's space subcommittee badly botched elementary lunar facts while speaking during the gathering at Booker T. Washington High School in Houston on Monday, just before the solar eclipse.Her initial statement has been widely criticized for discussing whether or not human beings could live on the moon, which, she claimed, "is made up mostly of gases." "You've heard the word 'full moon.' Sometimes you need to take the opportunity just to come out and see a full moon is that complete rounded circle, which is made up mostly of gases," the 74-year-old congresswoman told teenage pupils who gathered on a sports field ahead of the rare celestial event. "And that's why the question is why or how could we as humans live on the moon? Are the gases such that we could do that? The sun is a mighty powerful heat, but it's almost impossible to go near the sun. The moon is more manageable."

Sheila Jackson Lee

Obviously I misspoke and meant to say the sun, but as usual, Republicans are focused on stupid things instead of stuff that really matters. What can I say though, foolish thinkers lust for stupidity!

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Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: It's "almost impossible to go near the sun," but the "moon is more manageable" because it's "made up mostly of gases" (it isn't)

1:18 PM · Apr 9, 2024 from Houston, TX

Lee's declaration was widely lampooned for being questionable. This included her claim that the moon, which reflects the sun's light, gives off "unique light and energy" and misstating the scientific reason for the eclipse. The solar eclipse was happening because the Earth was unusually close to the moon, she said when, in fact, the eclipse was the result of the alignment of the sun and moon.
"I don't think we've been on the moon the last 50 years. So, we will be landing on the moon. What you'll see today will be the closest distance that the moon has ever been in the last 20 years. Which means that's why they will shut the light down because they will be close to the Earth," she said of the eclipse alignment.
"I don't know about you, I want to be first in line to know how to live and to be able to survive on the moon," Lee added. "That's another planet which we're going to see shortly."
Now, she is slamming the Republicans for taking her statements "wrongly." She insisted she "obviously misspoke and meant to say the sun, but as usual, Republicans are focused on stupid things instead of stuff that really matters." "What can I say though, foolish thinkers lust for stupidity!" she added.
She also said that the GOPs should be focusing on issues like prenatal care, building more affordable housing and more reduction of student loan debt as President Joe Biden is. "Also, I care more about these children who would not have experienced the eclipse in this enthusiastic manner. And, I care more about protecting the rights of women and children than engaging in this kind of senseless dialogue!" she claimed.
However, the fact is the sun is still more uninhabitable than the moon, being a ball of gas and plasma with no solid surface, burning at around 10,000 F or 5,600 C on its surface and 27,000,000 F or 15,000,000 C at its center. The National Pulse wrote: "Any human attempting to approach the sun would be killed by its intense heat and radiation millions of miles before reaching it."
Lee is notorious in DC for high staff turnover because of her allegedly unusual and abusive demands of staffers.
"Gaffe machine" Biden makes another "stupid" remark as he forgets what century it is

The left-wingers have been making blunders publicly as of late. The worst part is that most were committed by the Democratic Party flag bearer, President Joe Biden himself.
Eighty-one-year-old Biden had been speaking at a joint press conference in the White House Rose Garden with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida when a reporter asked him about the Arizona Supreme Court's ruling on abortion, which has pronounced that a law stemming from 1864 that bans abortion from the moment of conception remains in effect. "Elect me," Biden replied when asked for his reaction. "I'm in the 20, 20th century," said the president while appealing to the people of Arizona. After a while, he corrected himself, adding "21st century, not back then. They weren't even a state."
Biden, who frequently misspeaks and makes blunders in public, has referred to himself as a "gaffe machine." Last week, the President also struggled to get his name right during a speech at the White House to mark Greek Independence Day.
Meanwhile, Biden has suffered "the worst day of his presidency," one of his allies said, after a bombshell report found that he had "significant limitations in his memory." Lawyers who interviewed Biden as part of an investigation into his handling of classified documents said he could not remember the years when he was vice president or when his son died of brain cancer.
"I think he needs to show us this is a demonstrably false characterization of him and that he has what it takes to win and govern," the ally told NBC News. Another Democratic operative said the report was "beyond devastating" and "confirms every doubt and concern" that voters have about the POTUS.
"If the only reason they didn’t charge him is because he's too old to be charged, then how can he be President of the United States?" they added. (Related: ABC news poll: Almost NINETY PERCENT believe Biden isn't fit to serve.)
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Stupid: Texas Democrat says moon is made of gas; slams Republicans for bashing her legendary ignorance –