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    Superpower China As the sun begins to set on America

    With a population of more than a billion people, “China has a literacy rate of 90.9 percent; life expectancy at birth is 73 years; and the per capita GDP is $5,962.
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    We can thank many politicians and corporate America for taking our jobs to that continent for very cheap labor to begin with. And from there China not only has grown in productivity but also used the money to build their military stronger.

    Our wages here in most cases have become stagnated and we allow illegal aliens into the country to work for cheap labor as well. And even if we allow Visa holders into this country ,they too will work for cheaper wages. And many of these people also send money back to their home countries.

    More and more people in the USA now shopping at all the discount stores like Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores and more.

    The good paying jobs have gone abroad and the leaders in Washington say we need to cut back. The problem is they cut education in this country and give out more welfare.

    At this point in the game I do not see it coming back to America again. Greed has taken a foot hold.
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    Certainly there are no issues related to diversity, domestic tribal strife, or immigration imbedded in this story that the author neglection to mention.

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