Surprise: Warmists Want Private Sector To Pony Up For Climate Change Redistribution Policy

June 4, 2015 – 8:09 am

How dare I and other Skeptics say that the “climate change” movement is all about far left Progressive (nice fascist) policies! We’re just crazy in thinking there’s a link

Private sector must pay more into $100bn global climate fund, says report
World Resources Institute advises businesses as well as governments to increase funding to enable poor countries to cut emissions and rebuild infrastructure

The global target of directing $100bn to poor countries to help them cope with climate change is likely to be missed unless private sector finance is ramped up significantly, a new analysis has found.
In other words, more fees and taxation on the private sector, pushed by people who aren’t giving their own money, and take lots and lots of fossil fueled trips with their own over-size carbon footprints.
Rich countries will also have to find more money from taxpayers to fund developing countries, enabling them to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and rebuild their infrastructure to adapt to the likely effects of global warming.
See? More taxes and fees. This is all just a money transfer scheme, as pushed by these “developing nations”, and, really, what have previous schemes accomplished? Most of these poor countries are still poor, are still 3rd world sh*tholes. But, the dictators seems to do very well. It also fits very well with the guilt Warmists feel for living a good life in 1st World nations.

The analysis, seen by the Guardian, is a critical part of the runup to the UN climate change conference, starting on 30 November in Paris. Poor countries were promised finance flows of $100bn a year from developed countries by 2020, as part of the deal reached at the climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009.

But finance has fallen well short of that target so far, and poor countries are concerned they will not receive the promised money. They are demanding that the target be reached, as a prerequisite for any agreement in Paris.
This is a great way for poor countries to extort money from countries that actually succeed.

Fantastic comment at the Guardian (say, has the Guardian pledged their own money, and have they divested from fossil fuels yet?)
If the threat from C02 is so dangerous, why isn’t the vast sums spent on conferences at 5 star venues, private jet travel, first class air tickets and huge convoys of limos used to fund research into scrubbing emissions from coal fired power stations, cars, planes etc. It seems that there is also a huge amount spent by climate scientists , swanning around the world doing research to prove that the climate is changing and the world is getting warmer. One has to question why they continue to do this, when we are constantly told that “the science is settled.” It would seem to be rather stupid and obtuse to scream hysterically that existing energy sources must be shut down and replaced with what is quaintly called “sustainable” energy, when the blindly obvious solution is to put these scientist chaps to work to find efficient ways to scrub C02 from emissions. Maybe though, it’s more fun and more financially rewarding to travel around, funded by tax payers saying the same thing over and over again. One suspects that mere pennies are being spent on scrubbing CO2 from emissions against the billions spent on climate research.
What he/she said.