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    Tea Party Will Send Democrats Packing

    Tea Party Will Send Democrats Packing

    Thursday, 16 Sep 2010 08:23 AM
    By: John LeBoutillier

    With the primaries over and the Nov. 2 general election only seven weeks away, the left is in a total tizzy over the success of tea party candidates in GOP caucuses and primaries.

    For example, here is a paragraph from today’s lead editorial in The New York Times: "Democrats, especially beleaguered incumbents and the White House, need to counter the toxic message of the Tea Party so voters have an alternative."

    “Toxic message
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    Watch now as real demo/pretend rep's like Karl Rove begin to trash tea party candidates.

    You will now see the truth that there is no difference between the establishment republican party and democratic party. They are all owned by globalist governments, and their loyalty has nothing to do with the people of America, but rather what is in it for them personally.

    Karl Rove, the mouth behind the pri__ George Bush, is raping O'Donnell on every interview he has done... Why? Because he wants to crush her. O'Donnell said she would bring the establishment GOP to its' knees. The establishment GOP and the establishment DNC (both brothers and good friends, proof are Lindsey Graham and John McCain) need to be brought to their knees.

    If you listen to Rush Limbaugh and FAUX News and Glenn Beck, don't you for one second believe their bs: The fear tactic right now is "VOTE FOR THE MOST ELECTIBLE GOP CANDIDATE REGARDLESS OF THEIR POLITICAL VIEW" That is absolute BS.... Rush/Beck/O'Reilly/CNN .... that is total bs.

    We will find freedom once again, when the American people raise up and say nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, we know our media is lying to us. Don't believe Obama's spin machine, Limbaugh/Beck/CNN/MSNBC. It is psychological warfare.

    Vote for the candidate of your choice, not for the candidate of the media brainwashing's choice.

    In 2008 I voted for Ron paul, the actual creator of the tea party movement. FAUX News, CNN, MSNBC, NBC all created him as a nutcase with only nutjobs following the guy; yet he raised more money then any other Presidential candidate.

    We are currently living in a communist country, with government owned news media and people stoned out of their minds.

    Turn off the tv and vote for what your heart tells you. I voted for Ross Perot years ago, and if the media had not told the "sheeple" he was going to lose, he would have won !!!!! And believe you me, America would not be the cesspool it is now, had Ross Perot won.

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    agreed Dianne

    Look how the media fell head over heels about Obama and yet no one really knew this guy and NOW LOOK WHAT WE HAVE!

    I voted Ross Perot too ,so I must be another nutcase.

    I often wonder,would we be a free nation now if the media existed back then? They probably would have turned everyone against the idea of breaking from Great Britain.

    Of course we are still paying a hell of a lot of TAXES NOW.
    "When you have knowledge,you have a responsibility to do better"_ Paula Johnson

    "I did then what I knew to do. When I knew better,I did better"_ Maya Angelou

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