Teachers in Conservative States Rush to Carry Guns in Class to Prevent Future Mass Shootings

Shane Trejo | Jun 11, 2022

Teachers in conservative states are rushing to receive training that would allow them to safely conceal carry guns in class in order to prevent mass shootings, according to an Epoch Times report.
Jeff Sellers, owners of Schools on Target of Marble Falls, Texas, trains teachers to safely carry in the classroom. He said that he has had to add nine additional classes due to the increased demand since the Uvalde mass shooting.

“I’ve gotten an insane amount of calls,” Sellers said. “It hasn’t stopped. Ninety percent is because of Uvalde.”
A similar report comes from Bryan Proctor, owner of Go Strapped Firearms Training in Arlington, Texas, who says demand has gone up at least 100 percent for his Guardian training program.
“What you’re seeing is a vocal minority,” Proctor said. “Arming teachers isn’t about giving them something else to be responsible for—but instead giving them a tool as a last defense.”
Texas and Louisiana are looking at legislation that would allow teachers to carry in the classroom as long as they complete a special training course. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee also signed measures that would increase preparedness at schools to prevent further shootings. It is Republicans who are leading on keeping schools safe while Democrats are willing to look the other way and allow children to die needlessly if it means pushing their gun control agenda forward.
Big League Politics has reported on how the fake news media is lying about mass shootings in order to demonize the 2nd Amendment:
“Do American citizens still believe that NPR is truly an “unbiased” news organization? A new report by the taxpayer-funded public radio recently raised alarm bells for Americans across the country after it announced that there have been “over 240 mass shootings” in the United States since the beginning of 2022.
According to the article, the United States endured “at least 246 [mass shootings] in just over 22weeks,” for an average of “just over 11 a week.”
Such a number was reached without looking at the FBI’s traditional definition of a mass shooting, which necessitates that 4 or more people other than the gunman are killed during the incident. NPR instead elected to utilize the Gun Violence Archive of four or more people being shot, regardless of survival.
The infamous government-sponsored media outlet is known for exhibiting blatant bias in its reporting on numerous occasions, notably posting in 2020 that they refuse to report on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal because, in their opinion, it is not really a story.
“Amazing that @NPR actually has the balls to post this bullshit the same day this text message was released, directly implicating Joe Biden in Hunter’s corrupt schemes,” Donald Trump Jr opined on NPR’s decision. “The media is doing everything they can to protect Joe Biden & hide the truth from the American people! #JoeKnew.”

… Also commenting on the matter was liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald, who accused the media of intentional malpractice:“Just be honest and say you won’t report any stories that reflect poorly on Biden because you believe it’s so vital that Trump lose that anything is justified — including suppressing reporting — to ensure it happens,” posted Greenwald. “People know this is the reality of the national press. Why lie?”‘The American people will have to exercise their rights or they will be taken away. Conservative teachers ready to carry in class are heeding the call to arms in order to defend the safety of children. They are heroes for not cowering in response to the odds.

Teachers in Conservative States Rush to Carry Guns in Class to Prevent Future Mass Shootings - Big League Politics