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    The Technocratic Society an interview with Patrick Wood

    Published on Nov 27, 2013
    In today's technological world, many people believe those with knowledge of science should enjoy greater control over society. That can include both people and corporations with scientific expertise and the ability to deliver new technology to large populations.

    Critics of this idea are worried about the concentration of power in people with scientific knowledge. They believe these people are building a technocracy. By working with governments to secure and maintain power, these technocrats are said to gain control over much of society.

    Some people charge European governments with implementing a technocracy through political appointments. Many say a similar move toward a scientific ruling class last grew in the 1930's. They argue a movement that fell short in the Great Depression may succeed today.

    Technocracy originally referred to those who pointed to the scientific method as a means toward advancement in issues of society. Many modern-day technocrats still adhere to this idea.

    Patrick Wood is editor of The August Forecast and The August Review. In 1978, he began publication of The Trilateral Observer, tracking activities of the Trilateral Commission. Today, Wood is a leading voice among those people concerned with the rise of technocracy.

    Patrick Wood is our guest on the show today.

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