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Teen Arrested For NRA T-Shirt Threatened With Gag Order by Court, Reporter Threatened With Arrest by Judge

June 25 2013

What the heck is going on in Logan County, WV?!

By now you’ve probably heard about Jared Marcum, the 14 year old boy who was arrested for obstructing an officer who was responding a call by Jared’s school, because Jared was wearing an NRA t-shirt.
At the time of the event I’m sure most people, myself included, thought the arrest would probably be dismissed, however, earlier this month, prosecutors decided to move forward with the case.
Obviously, charging a 14 year old boy over an incident that started over a shirt has generated some press coverage. Now prosecutors have threatened Jared with a gag order, which they only rescinded after Jared waived his right to privacy (due to the fact that he is a minor), according to WOWKTV.
WOWKTV has been the local news organization covering this story from the beginning. The news station tried to intervene in the case, but was met with resistance and was actually threatened by local authorities.

Charlo Greene, on behalf of WOWK and the free press, prepared a petition to intervene for the gag order hearing but before Charlo could present her argument or even deliver her petition to the court clerk, she was thrown out of the Logan County Courthouse, twice, by a bailiff, who said the judge presiding over Jared’s case, Eric O’Briant requested it. Charlo was then threatened with arrest and the same charge that Jared is currently on trial for, obstructing an officer.
So this is how Logan County does business huh? Threatening teenagers and female reporters who threaten to upset the status quo of your little county court?
Jared faces a $500 fine and up to a year in jail if convicted on the charge. While the teen would most likely get probation and community service over a jail sentence, he will still have a criminal record that will follow him.