Texas school district employees charged with illegal ELECTIONEERING

04/12/2024 // Kevin Hughes // 1.6K Views

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Two Texas school district employees were arraigned on April 2 amid accusations they were involved in an "illegal electioneering" scheme.Jesus and Lindsay Lujan, employees of the Denton Independent School District (ISD) in northern Texas, were charged back in February with using their district-issued email accounts to urge co-workers to vote in the state's Republican primary elections.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against Denton ISD that month, claiming it is a criminal offense for a school district employee to spend or approve the spending of public funds for political advertising.
Lindsay, the principal of Alexander Elementary School, guaranteed 30-minute coverage for staff members who wanted to vote early in the primary elections, as stated in the lawsuit. The case further alleges that she also presented employees with a list of candidates considered "friendly" or "unfriendly" to public education, with Paxton called "unfriendly."
At the same time, Jesus, the head of school at Borman Elementary School, encouraged employees to use a "purple mindset" to "vote for candidates who support public education and school funding," as stated in the lawsuit.
Both Jesus and Lindsay were charged in Denton County Court on April 2 for "unlawful use of internal mail system for political advertising," according to court records. Lindsay is slated to be back in court for an arraignment hearing on May 13, while Jesus' hearing is due on June 4.
Texas law prevents school districts from using state or local funds

Texas law prevents school districts from utilizing state or local funds or school district assets to electioneer for or against any candidate. The Education Code also prevents the use of public funds and internal email systems for political advertising.
"It is absolutely improper for publicly funded entities like school districts to engage in electioneering as Denton ISD has done," said Paxton back in February. "Government officials everywhere are on notice that I will use every legal remedy available to me to stop school districts from influencing or coercing their employees to vote any particular way, especially when a district uses taxpayer resources and money to do so. Our elections must be completely protected from any illegal interference."
"I am extremely troubled by this pattern of government officials engaged in illegal electioneering. These are government employees charged with the education of our children. They must respect our laws. I will continue to use every legal remedy available to me to stop this unlawful conduct. Elections are the foundation of our republic. They must be free and fair."
Paxton himself is unable to attempt to prosecute Jesus and Lindsay because of a 2021 state appeals court ruling that prevented attorneys general from using their office to indict people over election-related crimes. (Related: Texas AG Ken Paxton being prevented from prosecuting voter fraud by “secretive” Texas court.)
Nevertheless, Paxton has successfully acquired an injunction against Denton ISD ordering the district to not use any funds or resources to engage in illegal electioneering. He has acquired similar injunctions against Castleberry ISD in River Oaks, to the west of Fort Worth, and a restraining order against Frisco ISD in the city of the same name north of Dallas.
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