Todd Callender warns: Experimental mRNA may now be in flu shots

Thursday, December 22, 2022 by: Belle Carter
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(Natural News) International lawyer Todd Callender warned the public that the experimental messenger RNA (mRNA) may now be present in the seasonal flu vaccines.
He issued this warning during a recent appearance on “The Dr. Jane Ruby Show,” telling program host Dr. Jane Ruby that the military is at risk. While the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates in the military were already scrapped, the seasonal flu shot remains compulsory for military members.
“We got contacted by a service member on a ship in the middle of the ocean who’s being forced to take the flu shot,” Callender shared. “And we found out that [the flu shot shares] the same ingredients with the COVID-19 shots.”
Meanwhile, Ruby lamented how Big Pharma is weaponizing the flu vaccines. According to her, the traditional flu shots are only about 15 percent effective.
“Companies are no longer required to do legitimate studies for safety, much less, effectiveness,” she remarked before playing footage of Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel admitting to experimenting on the flu shots.
“We’re going to do a lot of combinations … for highly effective seasonal flu shots,” said the vaccine bigwig. “Because as you know, the current vaccines don’t work very well. I want to combine them with COVID-19 boosts.” (Related: Pfizer proceeds with mRNA flu vaccine trial despite multiple controversies.)
Callender advised people to request vials of the flu jabs. He said his team did a consultation with a very notable doctor, who said he recognized toxic ingredients in them. The amount of these should be analyzed by professionals.
“How much of this is in a vial [should be checked.] If it’s a lot, then it is clearly is fatal. We know they’re in there because they’re in the insert,” the attorney said.
Callender: mRNA shots, 5G and EMP are three deadly vectors of genocide

Ruby and Callender further discussed how the globalists are attacking humanity in more ways than one. Callender said apart from the mRNA vaccines, there is 5G technology and the possible electromagnetic pulse (EMP).
“It’s called a concentration risk. When [the] military attacks, they attack in many different ways – air, land and sea. They’re taking us out in different ways,” he said.
He recalled how 5G was ditched by millions of Chinese in November 2019 in Wuhan before the pandemic started.
“It’s a weapons system all by itself at 60 gigahertz (GHz), which is a 5G signal. It separates oxygen from nitrogen. The Huawei 5G is a 60 GHz device we found out in a lot of hospital rescues that the respirators were all operating on,” Callender explained.
“My basic understanding is that the frequencies at the very minimum destroy the hydrophilic bonds, which hold all of our cells and water in our body and it creates an ozone plasma. So we’re thinking we’re getting bacterial pneumonia, when in reality, it may be as simple as electronic beams and the sick part about 5G.”
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Watch the full episode of “The Dr. Jane Ruby Show” featuring Todd Callender below.

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