Top 6 ways the GENOCIDE CULT wants to FORCE-VACCINATE all humans, except themselves and their own children

09/10/2023 // S.D. Wells // 3.1K Views

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Anyone who thinks they can refuse to be turned into an immune-compromised mutant is in for a rude awakening, according to the pharma globalists that are all part of a genocidal cult with the same agenda reduce the world's population by several billion people using deadly spike proteins and snake venom peptides. Since the fear-based plandemic only scared about 5.5 billion sheeple worldwide (over 72% of the world's population) into getting at least one deadly dose of millions of toxic spike proteins, the globalists are scheming and plotting many other ways to infect the rest of the humans with their lab-concocted population reduction "medicines."
The globalists now have their lab coat "technicians" working around the clock to create novel ways to infect every human with deadly prions, venom, and nanoparticles that cause vascular clots, vital organ failure, brain damage, and infertility. By injection, food, physical touch, or the atmosphere, one way or another, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are trying to ensure that everybody on planet earth (except themselves) gets force-vaccinated with population-reduction technology.
This is no conspiracy theory, as the "science" and evidence has piled up as high as a mountain, in every nation of the world, and is literally bragged about by the people funding and promoting it all.
Here are the top 6 ways the genocide cult of globalists want to force-vaccinate all humans with deadly spike proteins, nanoparticles, and poisonous venom peptides

#1. Gene-mutation injections disguised as "vaccines"

#2. Chemtrails deployed over populations
#3. Micro-needle patches
#4. Hidden in the food supply, starting with meat
#5. Genetically modified mosquitoes
#6. Shedding of spike proteins from the "vaccinated" to the "unvaccinated" masses
Follow the science and you find millions of real-life horror stories that are virtually non-existent in the mass media. Follow the "science" and you end up infected with genetically modified viruses, genetically mutated cells, genetically-altered cells where you own body creates "novel" toxins, and taking medications made with poisonous venom peptides taken from the most deadly creatures on Earth. Still wondering why every prescription medication commercial has insanely scary side effects? Again, follow the science.
Japanese doctors just reported that mRNA-induced spike proteins from Wuhan coronavirus vaccines "do persist in the body," continuing on to describe how several months after being jabbed with the "technology," the spike protein prion toxins do NOT dissipate 'almost immediately,' as Fauci, Walensky, and the CCP military would have us all believe. Oh, those messenger RNA lies. Lies stacked on top of lies, on top of more lies.
Patients around the world are "becoming gravely ill almost immediately following injection" of the messenger RNA technology of protein prions

Patients around the world are "becoming gravely ill almost immediately following injection," the researchers are sounding the alarms. This is Paul Revere's great ride to tell everyone the "Spike Proteins are Coming!" The whistleblowers are blowing the ram's horn at the top of the mountain.
The scientists, immunologists, naturopaths, and truth journalists are following the science, just like the scientists and MDs always said to do, and the cold hard truth is that the vaccine industrial complex wants to kill off 50 percent or more of the living humans right now.
Clinical trials for the vaccine patches (injection-free microarray vaccines) are already concluded for Bill Gates and his genocide cultists as "safe and effective" for all humans, at all times, everywhere. The micro-needle patch can be stuck onto children everywhere, like a happy little band-aid or temporary tattoo, while warping the child's immune system to prepare it to catch the next "gain of function," cross-species, lab-concocted-and-released GM virus. Hello new "vaccine delivery technology." Someone could shake your hand and deliver these, or they could be woven into clothing next, or sewn into the new wave of Cabbage "Patch" Kids dolls. Then while the infant is playing with it, voila. "Fully vaccinated."
The chem-trail bio-vaccination program has been long underway, used mainly up to this point for biowarfare against the enemy. Spraying of bacterium DNA particles via chem-trails dates all the back to when the USA deployed them on Chinese and Korean populations in 1946. Oops. Sorry about that. People got mass-vaccinated from the sky, and ended up with all kinds of diseases and disorders, including AIDS, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and even chronic fatigue. Again, follow the science.
Now it's time to watch out for Bill Gates' GM malaria vax-mosquitoes that sting you into submission of the world's deadliest viruses. Forgot about gain of function, just have insects flying around with their needles and then everybody is "covered" under that force-vaccination "act."
Then there's vaccine shedding and spike protein steaks to start worrying about. Thanks a lot Big Pharma. Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental gene therapy injections that lead directly to vascular clots, hypertension, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, strokes, and Long-Vax-Syndrome.
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Top 6 ways the GENOCIDE CULT wants to FORCE-VACCINATE all humans, except themselves and their own children