TOP 7 toxins and forever chemicals that NEVER STOP harming the human body

03/13/2024 // S.D. Wells // 2.3K Views

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You don't have to be unfortunate or have "bad genes" to have your brain and body decay at a rapid rate in America, just eat conventional food regularly, drink water from the tap and take Western medicine (including vaccines) "as prescribed." It's all a prescription for health disaster, but the average "Joe" doesn't know. All of the anti-conspiracy conspiracy theorists believe that the U.S. government regulatory agencies protect them, including the FDA, CDC, EPA and so forth, but nothing is further from the truth.Most Americans underestimate the dangers of the most common toxins and chemicals they have heard about in food, water, vaccines and medicine

It's called catch and release. U.S. doctors, scientists and other health "specialists" know that when patients and consumers get word of dangerous toxins and chemicals in their food, water, medicine and vaccines, they get skeptical and start asking questions. That's why the regulatory agencies play "catch and release," where they go ahead and address the concerns and worries of the general public, but then lie and pretend there's "nothing to worry about," because "there's not enough" in there to cause damage. Check out these top 7 toxins and forever chemicals that never stop harming the human body:
#1. Deadly mRNA - vaccine-induced spike "protein" prions never stop being produced and cause vascular clots, immune system dysfunction, nervous system disorders, turbo cancer and brain damage.
#2. Mercury - a potent neurotoxin (listed in vaccines as thimerosal, which is 50% mercury).
#3. Fluoride - sodium fluoride in municipal taps (in 75 percent of US drinking water) causes calcification of the pineal gland and lowered IQ.
#4. PFAS "forever chemicals" - catapult cancer risk where human cells become deformed, multiply uncontrollably and turn and attack healthy cells.
#5. Aspartame - can cause detrimental long-term neurological effects by modulating the brain's neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin.
#6. Microplastics - Microplastics accumulate in the brain, according to scientific research, causing detrimental neurobehavioral effects associated with dementia.
#7. Venom peptides - Many of the medications, vaccines and cosmetics that Americans blindly take, receive and have injected are poisoned with deadly reptile venoms. These are created by using the poisonous venom peptides creatures use to immobilize and kill their prey.
In fact, a new study on neurobehavioral effects and inflammatory responses to microplastics exposure shows brain damage occurring in humans. Microplastics are winding up in food (fish eat it) and water that's being consumed regularly, leading to behavioral changes that could be permanent.
Then there's an industrial waste and byproduct of the phosphate mining industry in China, that is imported by the United States government and secretly mislabeled, then dripped into 75% of municipal taps. This horrific insecticide causes cancer, brittle bones, a calcified pineal gland and lowered IQ in humans, but the dental industrial complex claims it's good for fighting cavities, so that makes it all okay. Sure.
In America, obesity is a major issue, affecting one in every three people, including children and teens. Many of these folks consume artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, to try to avoid sugar, but little do they know, they're damaging their central nervous system and brain, and possibly forever. In fact, studies show that aspartame may "modulate brain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin." Better watch out for that.
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TOP 7 toxins and forever chemicals that NEVER STOP harming the human body –