TORCHED ‘EM: Missouri secretary of state candidate uses flamethrower to burn “GROOMING” books in viral video

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A Republican candidate for the secretary of state position in Missouri has got a viral video circulating all over social media. Twenty-four-year-old Valentina Gomez has posted a clip where she used a flamethrower to burn LGBTQIA-inclusive books as part of her campaign."When I’m secretary of state, I will burn all books that are grooming, indoctrinating, and sexualizing our children. MAGA. America First," she captioned the post. "These books come from a Missouri Public Library. When I am in office, they will burn," she said in the video. The social media post ended with a picture of her holding a large gun cut to her campaign poster, where she described herself as "a woman on a mission."

Valentina Gomez

When I’m Secretary of State, I will BURNall books that are grooming, indoctrinating, and sexualizing our children. MAGA. America First

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3:25 PM · Feb 6, 2024

The said video was censored on Instagram and X. A note saying "may violate X's rules against Hateful Conduct," appeared on the post but it was removed on Wednesday, according to NBC News. It has 2.8 million views, 2,700 reposts and more than 6,000 comments as of press time.
The books in the video were reported to be "Naked: Not Your Average Sex Encyclopedia," written by Myriam Daguzan Bernier and "Queer, 2nd Edition: The Ultimate LGBTQ Guide for Teens" by Kathy Belge and Marke Bieschke. "Queer" co-author Bieschke reportedly reacted: "She is burning my book in public to get votes, not fascist or scary at all!" Moreover, Belge said in a statement to the Hill that it shouldn't come as a surprise that "extremism is on the rise." "Book banning is dangerous and book burning takes it to a whole new scary level," she also wrote. "All Americans should be concerned that a candidate for public office not only thinks book burning is acceptable, but that it is something that will help her get elected."
Bernie, "Naked's" author, has yet to comment on Gomez's viral video.
Maicoll Gomez, the secretary of state hopeful's campaign director said that the video's "message is simple." "You want to be gay? Fine, be gay. Just don't do it around children," she said in a statement.
The candidate insisted on stopping the placement of books in libraries about the "left and gay ideologies" because children need to learn mathematics, and science, develop their people skills and get fit while protecting their innocence. They should "not be learning the ideologies that the radical left loves to push on children. I am against all drag shows around children, pride flags in classrooms, teachers with pronouns, people wanting to change genders, and people who can’t even define what a woman is," Gomez said. "If genitals don’t define gender, how does removing them affirm it? I only fear God."
Her post is similar to one made by Missouri state senator and 2024 GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Eigel. He and state Senator Nick Schroer were seen firing flames at cardboard boxes and books during the St. Charles County Freedom Fest event outside St. Louis on September 15. "In the video, I am taking a flame thrower(sic) to cardboard boxes representing what I am going to do to the leftist policies and RINO corruption of the Jeff City swamp," Eigel said. "But let's be clear, you bring those woke pornographic books to Missouri schools to try to brainwash our kids, and I'll burn those too on the front lawn of the governor's mansion."
Gomez's video sparks outrage from LGBTQIA and human rights activist groups

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis was instantly critical of Gomez's post, as per a statement sent to the news site The Advocate. "Attention-seeking candidates like this are not great at reading the room: voters have resoundingly rejected book bans and candidates promising to ban books," Ellis said. "Encouraging violence and spreading disgusting rhetoric are two very real ways that endanger innocent people and children. They also prove you have zero grasp on actual problems in your state or ideas to solve them."
Meanwhile, Human Rights Campaign's Brandon Wolf said that book burning has a long, dark history in the U.S., calling what Gomez did as a desperate attempt to drum up attention and MAGA hysteria from a fringe political candidate. "But the anti-LGBTQ+ smears being hurled by Gomez are the same smears that have had devastating consequences across the country, inflaming violence and harassment against LGBTQ+ people," Wolf said.
According to an October Ipsos report, 78 percent of voters indicated they would be less likely to be inclined to support a candidate who supports book bans. Ipsos also reported last June that 52 percent of Republicans oppose book bans. (Related: FASCISM RUN AMOK: Canadian libraries engaging in mass BOOK BURNINGS to purge history and truth from people's minds.) contains more news on woke and gay ideologies now being imposed on children.
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TORCHED ‘EM: Missouri secretary of state candidate uses flamethrower to burn “GROOMING” books in viral video –