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    Tornado devastates Reading, Kansas; one dead, hundreds

    Tornado devastates Reading, Kansas; one dead, hundreds of homes damaged in first May twister

    BY Philip Caulfield
    Sunday, May 22nd 2011, 4:58 PM

    A deadly tornado and severe thunderstorms dropping hail the size of baseballs swept through a small eastern Kansas town, killing a man and destroying at least 20 homes, authorities said.

    The storms damaged around 200 homes in Reading, Kan., a town of about 250 people about 50 miles south of Topeka, authorities said.

    The town's post office and fire department were torn apart as well, and at least 5 others were severely injured.

    By early Sunday, the tiny hamlet was a disaster area, with fields strewn with the remains of destroyed houses and buildings.

    Most of the town was left without power, and all the roads leading in and out had been closed off. Shell-shocked residents, whose homes were destroyed or damaged, gathered at a local school with Salvation Army volunteers serving food from a trailer.

    A Facebook group called "Reading Tornado May 21," created just hours after the storm first hit, was flooded with questions about family and friends, as well as recovery plans.

    "Family is all ok, me and my children r @ a parents stayed behind with what's left of their home :( devastation....please keep all friends and family in reading in your prayers!" one poster wrote.

    Men cleans up outside a damaged home. Residents whose homes were destroyed were gathering at a local junior high. (Orlin Wagner/AP)

    Some emergency officials posted to the page asking would-be volunteers from neighboring areas to stay away because "people milling around without direction" can be a problem for relief efforts.

    While states across the south have been ravaged by severe storms recently, Kansas has been having one of its quietest seasons in decades, according to the National Weather Service.

    Until Saturday, there had been no tornadoes in May. Normally, an average of 30 tornadoes strike Kansas each month.

    Last May, 127 tornadoes tore through the state. ... st_ma.html

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    Joplin is badly destroyed. The hospital was damaged and 4 people in the hospital died. They are asking for any medical personel nearby to go there. The National Guard has been deployed.
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