Trans Pentagon official caught on video saying the government should repeal the Second Amendment and take people’s guns away

03/15/2024 // Cassie B. // 1.2K Views

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A Department of Defense employee whose job is telling Pentagon officials what to say in congressional hearings was caught on video saying that the Second Amendment should be repealed and that only the U.S. government should be allowed to have guns.The man in question is Jason Beck, who is an Associate Director for Total Force Requirements & Sourcing Policy at the office of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. He spoke freely with James O’Keefe, undercover journalist from the O'Keefe Media Group (OMG), thinking that they were simply two men on a date having casual discussions.
O’Keefe disguised himself and posed as a gay man seeking a romantic relationship with Beck on a dating app, where both men used fake names. O’Keefe shared edited video footage of their dates on X in which they discussed a range of topics, with Beck taking a predictably liberal and woke stance on all of them.
Beck, who possesses a classified security clearance and said he couldn’t discuss certain topics as a result, said that he writes answers for high-level officials, such as the Secretary and Undersecretary of Defense, that they use in congressional posture hearings.
Some of his most concerning opinions came up when O’Keefe brought up the topic of guns and the Second Amendment, both of which he apparently fails to see the point of. Beck told him: “I think we should repeal it [the Second Amendment] and take them [guns] all away!”
He also said that he would like to work on the “state’s monopoly on violence,” which he described as “We [the government] are the only ones with guns.”
When O’Keefe asked him how we could deal with people who are unwilling to give up their guns, he said: “You have to take them.” He suggested that mobilizing the national guard may be needed, and he also said that “we need to pack the court” and “abolish the Senate” to make it happen.
Beck said that no terrorists are crossing the border

They also talked about the border, with Beck making finger quotes while saying “border security” and calling it nonsense. O’Keefe played along, saying, “Border security… what does that even mean?”
Beck replied: “It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just like throwing money and people at a problem that doesn’t really exist.”
When O’Keefe asked him if he thinks that anyone who wants to come in to the country should be allowed in, Beck said “Why not just have an open border? There’s no Taliban coming in through Mexico. Like they just make that stuff out of whole cloth, you know? When has a terrorist ever come in?”
It’s pretty unsettling to think that people who work for the Department of Defense actually think like this.
Beck also told O’Keefe about his “bottom surgery,” which he said was painful but something he had wanted to do for a while.
Regardless of how you might feel about O’Keefe clearly setting this individual up, his report is very eye-opening. America needs to know that Pentagon officials who provide answers for their superiors think this way. When you hear him talk about confiscating all guns, opening the border and abolishing the Senate and the electoral college, it certainly explains all the questionable things we hear coming from the Pentagon.
Saying we need to open the border and let in everyone who wants to enter and claiming terrorists aren’t trying to cross the border despite all the evidence to the contrary shows just how uninformed and incompetent the current government is. After all, those who are running the country put this man in his position.
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