Truck driving dominates Texas as most common job

Updated: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 | Clarissa Tapia

EL PASO, Texas – Driving around El Paso isn’t quite complete without a few tractor-trailers slowing down traffic – and as scary as it can be to drive next to these massive trucks, you can’t help but wonder how the drivers handle such a difficult job.

A study by NPR revealed that in Texas, truck driving is the most common job throughout the state.

“It’s popular because we're trying to transport our products everywhere, this and that, and I mean that's the reliable transportation for it,” said El Paso resident Joshua Reyjoza.

NPR looked at the No. 1 jobs in each state - leaving out managers and salespersons – and found truck, delivery and tractor drivers have dominated Texas since 1994.

Before that, secretaries ruled the Lone Star state.

“It is kind of surprising because I don't see them so much, so I wouldn't think an outcome would be that they are the most common job in El Paso,” said Reyjoza.

Truck driving actually dominates employment in many states.

According to NPR, the job’s dominance is because truck drivers have been immune to globalization and automation – meaning without these drivers, consumers would never get their merchandise.

"I mean, it does make sense because where else are going to get our stuff? How else is it going to get over here? Obviously a truck, so it makes sense why it would be the most common job,” said Reyjoza.

The most common job in New Mexico has been a secretary since 1978, according to the study.