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    Trump Aide Refuses To Link Climate Change With Hurricanes Irma And Harvey

    Trump Aide Refuses To Link Climate Change With Hurricanes Irma And Harvey

    Chris White
    Energy Reporter
    6:21 PM 09/11/2017

    President Donald Trump’s Homeland Security adviser refused Monday to draw a direct comparison between man-made global warming and the hurricanes pummeling the southern part of the U.S.

    It wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about whether climate change is related to hurricanes Harvey or Irma, Tom Bossert told CNN’s Jim Acosta at a press conference. He also suggested that the Trump administration is considering future policies to reduce building in flood plains.

    “I think what’s prudent for us right now is to make sure those response capabilities are there. Causality is something outside my ability to analyze right now,” Bossert said.

    He also appeared to etch out the possibility that natural variability has played a part in the intensity of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Climate skeptics routinely claim that much of what scientists call man-made global warming is simply the cyclical nature of the Earth.

    “I do note that there’s a cyclical nature to a lot of these hurricane seasons,” he explained, noting that the 2004 hurricane season was the costliest seasons in American history. “We’ll have to do a larger trend analysis at a later date.”

    Warmer water and air temperatures, as well as extremely low air pressure systems, can produce the energy needed for any storm to become a massive hurricane in the Atlantic. Without that dynamic, hurricanes would be nothing more than large storms. Scientists have urged caution about drawing any kind of conclusions from the processes at work.

    Many of them are asking media talking heads and journalists to avoid making any direct links between global warming and the frequency and intensity of hurricanes, along with other natural disasters. They argue that the data is not clear on the issue.

    The administration is hashing out plans to write a new federal flood standard for various infrastructural projects that would replace those from former President Barack Obama, according to Bossert. Trump rescinded his Democratic predecessor’s flood standards earlier this year.

    “What President Trump remains committed to is making sure that federal dollars aren’t used to rebuild things that would be in harm’s way later or that won’t be hardened against the future predictable floods that we see,” Bossert said.

    He noted that the administration intends on conducting an analysis determining the degree to which erosion plays a part in damage from hurricanes.
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    Jim Acosta is always chasing the limelight.
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Do we have global warming? I don't know and it seems neither does anyone else for sure.

    Do we have climate change or a change in weather - yes, definitely. At least in Texas, our weather has changed.

    The thing that bothers me about the global warming group is they seem to offer little solutions except paying extra taxes, and cap and trade. This doesn't seem like any kind of solution.

    We do have a pollution problem - big time. Our water, our air, and our land is getting bad. We have a lake in Texas that is only about 40 years old and it has already been closed for health reasons. Private wells are destroyed. Spring fed creeks are so polluted people have to fence it off so their livestock don't drink it. This has happened just since early 70's.

    Who is talking about pollution? Not many. If the media/whomever can keep up the hysteria about global warming, something that might do us in in the far future - then it keeps our minds off the real problem that is already causing huge health problems and deaths right now.

    No one has mentioned how these constant wars might be adding to global warming.

    I just don't get it.

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    Yeah, there is some global warming, there is also climate change, the issue is what % is man causing of either one or both, what can we reasonably do about it and what is the best way to try to reduce our causes to the extent we can, and prepare to deal with the outcomes of those we can't.
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    The ocean temps rising cause more severe storms/rising waters. The spoiled lands, waters are a result of lax pollution standards in industry. Both situations need to be addressed as well as the use of chemicals in everyday products - a big health hazard and end up in our water supplies.

    It is very unwise to give carte blanche to polluting industries so the rich can get richer. The problem has been obama and his incompetent admin wrote complicated regs and gore's scheme of taxing did not go over well either. Bottom line; e.g., coal companies should not be allowed to once again dump in our waters hazardous by products of their industry which trump is saying they should be able to by his declaration to remove the Clean Waters Act. It doesn't produce more jobs, it just saves them an expense, therefore more profits.

    Removing our public lands from our use and give them to gas, oil, mining is an outrageous theft. Giving more of our oceans to drilling is too - more spills, more destruction of the oceans eco-system. The deafening & deaths of large mammals, whales, dolphins etc is ongoing with the seismic testing to find oil. It is disgusting - no movement to new energy forms - it is stifling and a regression to the 20th century. Keeping us behind the tech times of today. We are in the 21st century and should be moving forward, not backwards.

    Warming Ocean

    August 14, 2017

    By: Nick Bradford

    Did You Know?

    • The average global sea surface temperature has increased about 1.5oF since 1901, an average rate of 0.13oF per decade.
    • The average global sea surface temperature has been consistently higher during the past three decades than at any other time since reliable records began in 1880.

    Oceans cover more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface and play a very important role in regulating the earth’s weather and climate. Currently, oceans absorb more than 90% of the heat that is trapped in the atmosphere from increasing levels of greenhouse gases, which raises the temperature of the water at the sea surface.
    Since the oceans continually interact with the atmosphere through the water cycle, an increase in the average global sea surface temperature can have profound impacts on climate and weather systems. A higher sea surface temperature has led to an increase in the amount of water vapor over the oceans, increasing the risk of heavy rain and snow events. This higher temperature also has the potential to shift storm tracks and contribute to droughts in some areas.
    A warming ocean temperature also contributes to sea levels to rise through thermal expansion, the distribution of many marine species to shift due to their dependence on specific water temperatures and nutrient availability, and changes the circulation patterns of deep ocean currents that transport warm and cold water around the globe.
    Learn More

    The graph below shows how the average global sea surface temperature has changed from 1880 to 2015.

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    Some of it may just by cyclical, but I do believe it could be man made as well.

    I know the pollution is man made as well.

    So my question, if they believe in climate change and they believe it is man made, then why not go about stopping the pollution, stopping the destructive wars, etc.

    But, please, we can't blame this on Obama. Ronald Reagan was all for deregulation, and it just spread through the ensuing administration.

    Cap and trade and taxing American people isn't going to fix the problem.

    Yes, Obama was a not a good president, but George Bush was worse, the Clintons' didn't do much good either and Ronald Reagan, either by ignorance or design did a lot of harm.

    This has been a truly bi-partisan effort to destroy this country. We have to realize this didn't come about in the last 8, 16,24 or 50 years. It's been growing all along and has been helped by both so called parties.

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