Trump: Secret Service that destroyed evidence of the White House cocaine scandal knew who the culprit was and possibly covered for “him”

07/23/2023 // Belle Carter // 1.1K Views

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For former President Donald Trump, it is quite "impossible" for the United States Secret Service (USSS) not to know who the culprit of the White House cocaine scandal is. "'I believe that [Secret Service] knows everything. They're really smart, and really good at what they do," the Republican presidential candidate said.His comment came after the team that conducted the investigation on the baggie of cocaine that was found in the White House and was blown up right away is now closing the probe without conducting any interviews.
As per the Daily Mail, a USSS agent found a bag with less than a gram of cocaine in the cubby of a cell phone lockbox in the West Wing on July 2, leading to a hazmat evacuation of the White House. "I don't think it's possible for bags of cocaine to be left in a certain area, by the Situation Room – I'm not talking about, you know, five blocks away. The Situation Room – where you decide on war, where you decide on nuclear," Trump told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo in an interview on Sunday.
USSS claimed that they narrowed down the suspect list to about 500 people and said it would be too difficult and a waste of resources to find the culprit. So, they will just conclude the case, declaring a 'lack of evidence' after just 11 days after the drugs were abandoned in a West Wing locker. (Related: Big surprise: Secret Service quickly finishes its probe into cocaine found in White House with NO suspects identified.)
For concerned citizens following the developments of investigations into the "Biden crime family" illegal business dealings, the culprit is obviously President Joe Biden's recovering addict son Hunter.

Trump lamented on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's questionable credibility and how the Justice Department has been weaponized. "I mean, they come after me on boxes and they can't find drugs," he added, linking his classified documents case to the most recent White House drug controversy. "Do you know how many cameras they have opposite the front door of the Situation Room where these drugs were?' he questioned. 'They know who this was, they know the person. It's impossible – how could they not know the person?"

In a Truth Social post early in the week, Trump called for transparency of the White House cocaine story. "Just like I QUICKLY PROVIDED SECURITY TAPES FROM MAR-a-LAGO on the BOXES HOAX, the White House has Security Cameras (far more than Mar-a-Lago!) all over the place, especially the location in question. THEY 100 percent KNOW WHO IT IS," he said. "If they don’t release information, it means they destroyed the tapes & the Cocaine was for use by Hunter, & probably Crooked Joe, in order to give this total disaster of a president a little life and energy!"
Meanwhile, GOP Rep. Tim Burchett highly denounced the way the evidence was handled by the team. "Because apparently when they went in and got the bag, they treated it as a biological entity and for some reason destroyed it, because…to me, it just seems like they would go in there with the hazmat suits on, put it in a protective bag, take it to a lab for analysis, but instead, apparently they blew the thing up. It’s just a complete joke and a nightmare," he said during a "Mornings with Maria" interview.
Burchett stormed out of a congressional meeting last week after the USSS declared their investigation closed.
"They have facial identification, they have – y’all know you can’t go in there without giving your Social Security number, and they decided it’s just some weekend visitor. That’s bogus. Nobody’s buying that at all," he complained to reporters.
Watch the below video, where Fox News host Jesse Watters discussed how the move to destroy evidence is peculiar given a suspect has not been identified.

(5574) Jesse Watters: The Biden admin just blew up evidence - YouTube

"Everything I know about criminal law is that when you are destroying evidence, you are participating in a cover-up," the host said.
The cocaine incident is just another one of Biden’s various scandals that will most likely be swept under the rug in the duration of his regime.
Visit to read more about the illegal business dealings of the Bidens.
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Trump: Secret Service that destroyed evidence of the White House cocaine scandal knew who the culprit was and possibly covered for “him” –