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TRYING TO SAVE HERSELF: Leana Wen changes tune in new WaPo article, now says covid jabs are dangerous and shouldn’t be mandatory

Saturday, December 24, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) One of the most aggressively fascist covid fanatics, Shanghai-born Leana Wen, has apparently switched sides and now claims to oppose covid “vaccines” and their associated mandates.
Wen wrote a piece for The Washington Post last week about how she now believes that military personnel should not be forced to take the injections – this after previously advocating for everyone to have the shots forced on them.
“It’s time for the Biden administration to end the vaccine mandate for service members,” Wen wrote. “And businesses, universities, schools and other entities that were once justified in implementing these requirements should consider removing them, too.”
Keep in mind that this was written by Wen after it started to become obvious that forcing the jabs on people is no longer as popular as it once was. It is politically expedient, in other words, for Wen to suddenly start playing the other side.
Wen insists that her previous positions were merited based on the “science” of that time, but that things have since changed. This is her excuse for the sudden about-face she seems to be taking in what many believe is a desperate attempt to save her own hide from what is coming for those who pushed the covid scam.
“In the military, and in other settings involving close contact, such as workplaces and schools, it made sense to implement a measure that protected others,” Wen still maintains. “Things changed with omicron.”
No, Leana Wen: You aren’t forgiven for what you’ve done and we won’t forget

The best Wen can say about the jabs at the current time is that they maybe prevent severe infection – but not infection period, it is important to note. She fully admits that the shots do not exactly work as claimed, but still stands behind her early push in support of them.
Wen also worries that continuing to push covid jabs will deter people from taking other jabs that she believes are still important, including those for polio, measles, and other illnesses.
“Equating this (vaccine) to others could have an unintended consequence of extending the backlash from covid-19 to other inoculations,” she writes. “That would be a profound tragedy.”
“Public health officials must be upfront that the coronavirus vaccine is not equivalent to these far more effective vaccines. That doesn’t mean that we should stop promoting it; in fact, I’ve argued that much more needs to be done to urge the elderly to receive the coronavirus booster.”
If enough people had believed that covid was the threat that Wen and others long claimed it was, then perhaps there would have been enough public support to mandate them. Since that did not happen, Wen is backtracking because she knows the angry mobs are coming for her next unless she capitulates.
The bad news for her, though, is that the public has not forgotten what she did – and, in many ways, is still doing. Wen’s belief system aligns with that of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which makes sense considering she is Chinese.
Wen’s belief system does not, however, align with the United States Constitution. In fact, that document warns us about people like her not to let them subvert and subdue our country under a yoke of tyranny, which is exactly what the CCP has sought to do. (Related: Check out the Epoch Cinema documentary “The Final War: Post-Pandemic Crises” to learn more about how the CCP is using covid to try to take over the world.)
“Dr. Wen and her ilk conspired with the FBI and Big Tech to suppress these very facts that we needed to make sound decisions about how to respond to a novel pathogen,” reports Revolver.
“No, we won’t forgive and forget.”
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TRYING TO SAVE HERSELF: Leana Wen changes tune in new WaPo article, now says covid jabs are dangerous and shouldn’t be mandatory –