The TSA: the New Gestapo?
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by Marc Shea

Must any state put up with the invasive, unconstitutional searches which the to which the TSA has been subjecting American citizens recently?

(Jan. 28, 2011) — Which state will be the first to expel the TSA from within their sovereign borders?

The TSA and the Department of Homeland Security have become a rogue, mafioso-like organization that is running roughshod over the Fourth Amendment (amongst others) and is committing unbridled sexual assaults against our people in our airports and is expanding to other forms of public transportation, sporting venues, hotels, etc. They are recruiting a network of civilian spies, much like the Stasi police did in East Germany. We have heard of some sheriff’s departments saying that any TSA agents caught assaulting passengers will be arrested, but is this really addressing the heart of the matter?


The TSA is treating the American people with brutality the likes of which would not be tolerated by our troops against prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison, or against criminals in our domestic prisons for that matter. So what, then, does it say about the federal government and what they think about us as they illegally grope our genitalia, photograph us naked, and humiliate and subjugate us? Are people even aware that these thugs jokingly and derisively refer to the naked body scanners as “the **** measuring device