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Thread: Tucker Carlson on Biden: 'Not an Incoming Presidential Administration ó A Corporate T

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    Tucker Carlson on Biden: 'Not an Incoming Presidential Administration ó A Corporate T

    Tucker Carlson on Biden: 'Not an Incoming Presidential Administration ó A Corporate Takeover of the Country'

    Follow Jonathan Davis
    Posted November 13, 2020 in Politics , Source: breitbart,

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson is sounding the warning on what could be a Joe Biden administration if President Donald Trumpís campaign is not successful in beating back what his attorneys say is a tsunami of vote fraud and irregularities.
    Carlson opened his show Thursday noting that Biden will bring with him corporate figures who virtue signal to left-wing causes but who are really just interested in one thing: Adding to their bottom line at the expense of middle America, the same as they were doing before Donald Trump got into office.
    Itíll be Bidenís way and that of his handlers of paying back the corporatists who backed his candidacy with cash and censorship:
    So what has Joe Biden been up to lately? Weíre told that Joe Biden is our President-elect. Supposedly, he is going to shuffle into the White House in January, along with something called a mandate.
    If thatís true, what exactly is he going to do with this mandate? Now, thatís an interesting question. It might be worth asking. But almost no one is asking it. Instead, our news media is busy swarming Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor who hasnít held public office in decades.
    Why? Because Giuliani has questions about some of the voting that took place last week. Therefore, heís an imminent threat to the Republic. Itís a coup. Better give him blanket coverage. More Giuliani coverage.
    Thereís a fresh angle, but whatever you do, do not cover the guy that you claim is President.
    Joe Biden is the President and thatís enough. Shut up.

    However, the Biden people are fine with this. They donít want to deal with the media either. So, they are not dealing with the media.
    On Tuesday, Ryan Lizza [of] Politico noticed this, quote, ďDiscouraging signs about the Biden team and press access so far.Ē Lizza wrote, ďNo regular transition briefings. No readout of calls with foreign leaders. No open press access to the candidate and his people. This is a break with tradition.Ē
    Well, of course, it is a break with tradition and itís worrisome. But youíre not allowed to notice it. Biden supporters immediately screamed at Ryan Lizza to shut up.
    So, what exactly is going on behind this news blackout veiling Joe Biden from public view? Well, pretty much exactly what you expect is happening.
    Over at the newly official office of the President-elect, they are busy rewarding the forces of repression that made these election results possible. Guess who is first in line?
    Oh, you guessed it, the tech monopolies. They did their job. They shut down one side, protected the other, and now itís time for the reward. And hereís the reward.
    In one of his first acts as President-elect, Joe Biden named a man called Ron Klain to be his Chief of Staff. Now, Klain worked for Biden before. Thatís the story that youíve read. Oh, heís a close Biden ally. Thatís why heís got the job.
    But thatís not why he got the job. Ron Klain is also a lobbyist for Big Tech. Four years ago, he joined the Executive Council of Silicon Valleyís lobbying arm in Washington. Oh, starting to make sense.
    Ron Klain was not chosen for success as a public servant. We know that because last year, he acknowledged that the Obama administration where he was a senior official, totally mishandled the swine flu pandemic, the one that came before this one.

    Tucker went on to note that Klain and others in Big Tech do not want to anger China, which they see as a huge market despite the fact that Beijing represents our biggest national security threat, as our Pentagon has repeatedly said.

    As we told you before, if you want to understand what is happening now, keep in mind, this is not an incoming presidential administration. No, this is a corporate takeover of the country.
    They paid for the campaign. They plan to assert full control.
    At this point, Joe Bidenís transition advisers include executives from Uber, Visa, Capital One, Airbnb, Amazon, the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation and the nonprofit run by ex-Google CEO, Eric Schmidt are also on the list. Are you surprised? No, youíre not.
    According to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal, at least 40 members of the Biden transition teams announced earlier this week were or are registered lobbyists. Oh.
    And speaking of transitions, Stars and Stripes newspaper reporting today that one of Bidenís key Pentagon officials will be a transgender veteran, chosen to defend the country, maybe on the basis of identity. Because in 2020, corporatism is highly woke, the wokest.
    They are hoping their wokeness will distract you from their plundering, and it is working.
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    None of them will have jobs.

    They should have "jobs" cleaning toilets behind bars!


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