Twitter Suspends Account of Group that Created Viral ‘If I Wanted America to Fail’ Video During Earth Day, Reinstates at Midnight Without Explanation

Twitter has been used by many groups to achieve ends that subvert, circumvent or impugn many world governments. Yet one viral Youtube video which savagely attacks the Obama administration and its liberal allies for pursuing actions that are (according to the video) designed to make America to fail appears to have gone too far for the administrators of Twitter, who suspended the account belonging to the group responsible for it (Americans for Limited Government) today without an explanation.

Michelle Malkin has already weighed in on the suspension:
This is just bizarre. The Kill Zimmerman account was left untouched for weeks before finally being taken down.
What is Free Market America guilty of? Advocating free markets. Is that against Twitter terms of service?
I’ll update with any word from Twitter about the suspension.
And here’s Adam Bitely of Americans for Limited Government itself making their case:
On Earth Day, the official website for Free Market America was launched and [its] Facebook and Twitter components started to come to life as well. The first video put out by Free Market America, “If I wanted America to fail”, got over 120,000 hits in less than 36 hours!

But you would never know that if you tried to follow the Twitter page–it was suspended by Twitter midway through the day on Earth Day![...]

When it comes to using Twitter as a tool for promoting your political cause, you better hope that Twitter approves of your message or else you will be censored. So watch out, you could be next!

But enough build-up – you probably are wondering just what the video was that started all this mess. It may interest you to know that the Blaze blog posted it back when it first debuted on the weekend. However, here it is, reproduced and unedited, in all its glory:
In any case, one unintended corollary to the video may be “I wanted Twitter to fail, I’d alienate an entire wing of the United States political spectrum.”

UPDATE: Americans for Limited Government’s Twitter has been reinstated, also without explanation.

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